Shabd is the Creator

In the scriptures of all religions, Shabd is recognised as the Creator of the universe. According to the Vedas, fourteen regions were created by it. In the Quran it is said that fourteen regions came into being by the power of the Kalma. 

In the Gospel of St. John in the Bible, it is said that the world was created by the Word or Logos. St. John says, "In the beginning was the Word... and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things ... were made by Him." 

Guru Nanak says that all the creation is being sustained by Shabd and that it is the Creator of the entire universe. The earth and sky are made by Shabd, which pervades them and sustains the entire universe:

The Word is the life of sky and earth. From its refulgence all take birth, and all creation sings. Oh Nanak, in all souls that be this heavenly power rings.

 Janam M1, Sakhi P 19

He creates Himself and knows Himself. He separates the earth and the skies. He spreads the canopy of the heavens. He upholds the skies without pillars. He makes the Shabd His insignia. He creates the sun and moon and illumines them By His own light. 

 Malar Var M1, 1279-6

Not only the creation, but dissolution also is in Him. He also re-creates the world, following a dissolution.

Creation and dissolution are from the Shabd. Recreation is also from the Shabd.

Majh M3, 117-8

The Hindu scriptures say that the Shabd is the attribute of ether, or the very life breath of it. It follows therefore, that it is even more subtle and more pervasive than ether. If we think seriously we find the Shabd even where Nature and Soul unite, because in union there is motion and sound. However, the Shabd extends beyond this and includes something more.

The Lord Himself has been described as the Shabd in form:

Your Shabd pervades everywhere. Whatever You wish, comes to pass.

 Asa M4, 448-10

The founders of all religions regard the Lord as Shabd-incarnate. The oldest accepted religion of the world – the Vedic religion – also sings its praises. 

It is said in the Sam Veda:

The Shabd is Brahm. Silence is Brahm. The Primal Sound is Brahm.

Muslim Saints also consider the Shabd to be the Creator of the universe. 

Shamas-i-Tabriz says that all the universe was created out of Shabd and that light came out of it.

The universe was manifested out of the Divine Sound; from It came into being the Light.

Hazrat Abdur Razzak Kasi says, 

The Primal Name is the source of all names. It sustains all things. It is a river, and all living beings are its waves. Only he who belongs to our fold or is a perfect adept can grasp the meaning of this great truth.


The Primal Name is the source of all things. The Name is a river and creatures are its waves. He who knows this belongs to our brotherhood.

Abdur Razzak Kasi