Chapter IV

Shabd – The Sound Current

Shabd is a Sanskrit word. Unlike other words, its original root is not known. It means sound, letter, voice, name, conscience, word, clarity, declaration, expression, speech etc. That which can be spoken or that which can reveal secrets, is called Shabd. 

However, the Gurus and the highest Masters have used it in a very deep and abstruse sense.

The Shabd is the  Sustainer of All

Before the creation, the Shabd was unmanifested and nameless. It then existed in itself. In that state it was called indescribable, nameless, invisible, unfathomable, unutterable and inexpressible. When it became manifest it became known as Naam (Name of God) or Shabd.

When Shabd was unmanifested it had no name. When Shabd manifested, it became the Name or Naam.

Sar Bachan

Prior to its becoming manifest, there was no sun or moon or sky. The Shabd was formless. The Shabd, however, is consciousness. All are under its control. Nothing can manifest without its help. The Shabd is the life, the essence, the root and the quintessence of every created thing. It does not depend on anyone for manifestation. On the other hand, all that is manifest or unmanifest is sustained by it. It sustains Ishwar, Brahm (names for the ruler of the second spiritual region) and Par Brahm (the ruler of the third spiritual region). Whatever exists in this creation is Shabd. It is the cause of all creation and dissolution.

Through the Word is the Creation and Dissolution. Through the Word is the Evolution of Creation again.

Majh M3, 11 7-8

The beginning and end of all things is Shabd. All gross matter, the sky and so forth, subtle matter, sound, form, taste and scent are all Shabd. Whatever exists is Shabd. Whatever is manifested from Shabd cannot be anything but Shabd. Shabd is our creator. Shabd is our sustainer. We are of Shabd and Shabd is ours. 

The Gurus say that Shabd is the Supreme Lord. All are within His control. He is the all-powerful Cause and the Creator.

He is the wife; He is the husband; He is the Cause of all.

Basant M1, 1190-10

You are the Supreme Being. The great One without a second. You yourself as Shabd pervade everything. Whatever You wish comes to pass.

Asa M4, 448-11