Who can understand that Law?

Guru Amar Das says that He who created this world knows the Divine Law, Hukam. The Creator Himself correctly understands the Law.

He who created the world knows the Law. He Himself observes and knows it.

Majh M3, 118-9

Can His Law be understood by anybody other than Himself? If so, how? Only he to whom the Lord is kind and bestows His Grace, can understand It.

The Law is known to those alone to whom He is kind. By observing It the happy bride obtains the Lord's love and bliss.

Gujri Var M3, 510-15

Oh Nanak! He is kind. He is friendly to those who observe the Law. 

Gujri M5, 523-18

One can observe the Law only when the Lord wills it.

He with whom the Lord is pleased, observes the Law; and by so doing he is ferried across.

Kabir, Gauri 337-4

When the Lord is pleased One merges in His Will. And accepting it, one is at peace. He always repeats the Lord's Name and easily contemplates on Him.

Dhanasri M4, 690-18

The result of observing and recognising the Law is to become attuned to the Shabd and the Name.

They who observe the Law, in them does the Shabd dwell.

Sri Rag M1, 72-6

To those who are beloved of the Lord, merit and demerit are the same.
It is by submitting to the Lord's Will that one is in bliss reflecting on the Master's Word.

 Maru Var M3, 1092-15

It is only according to the eternal Law that one is exalted as a Satguru, True Master.

The True Guru was blest with glory by the True Guru. Knowing this to be the approved will of God. He tested his sons, nephews, sons-in-law, his kindred, but the ego of everyone was humbled by Him.

Bilawal M4, 853-15

The Law is manifest in the Master. Unless one meets a True Master, he can neither obtain the True Name nor can he know the Law.

You will see the Lord's vision and even the hot wind, will not touch you. I do not say it myself, I say that which is the command of my Lord.

Suhi M5, 763-6

To be able to know the Law is the result of the kindness of the Master. It all depends on His Will.

When one observes the Law one knows Him. But this can only be had through the Master's kindness.

Malar Var M1, 1289-7

All trade, all farming is in accordance with the Law. Through submission to the Law is all glory. Through the Master's Word is the Law revealed, through the Law is our union with the Lord.

Vadhans M3, 569-2

The Law is known only when one meets the manifest Master or True Master. Then the Law abides in the heart. There is no other method of learning how to know it.

When I met the Master I learned the Law; it now dwells in my mind. Whatever you wish is true. Truth pervades all.

Gujri M3, 491-19

One gathers the wisdom of the three worlds, when he learns the Law from the True Master. 

Asa M1, 414-8

It is only a sincere devotee or Gurmukh to whom the Lord is kind, who can understand the Law.

All is created according to Law; by Law it is destroyed. The fool is blind and ignorant. Rare is one to whom is revealed the Law In His pleasure and mercy.

Bihagana M3, 556-13

True is Your Law, through the Master it is known. He who loses himself Knows the Truth.

 Majh Var M1, 144-7

Fruitful is the coming into this world of a devotee who is accepted at the door of the Lord. By understanding the Law he attains real bliss.

Fruitful is the human birth of a true devotee for he who understands the Law is blessed.

 Gujri Var M5, 523-16

By practising the Name given by the Master, the feeling of egotism is banished, and a devotee begins to understand the working of the Divine Law. He bows to it and sees it at work in all. He constantly observes it and ultimately merges in the Lord.

To observe the Law is the most noble of all actions. Such a person meets no obstruction on the way to Sach Khand.

He who observes the Law enters His court. Having the password of Truth, he is not held up.

 Asa M1, 355-13

Various benefits of living according to the Law are mentioned in the writings of the. Gurus. Doubts and worries are removed. One becomes pure and gains salvation. Shabd or Naam or Truth is realised and egotism is destroyed. Death and birth cease. Eternal bliss is obtained and the real abode is attained. One merges in the Lord. 

The disadvantages flowing from not living within the Law are also mentioned by the Gurus.