Who submits to the Will of the Satguru?

Only those who are so fated become Gurmukhs (devotees) of the Guru, become attuned to the melody of the Name, and accept the Will of the Master.

A devotee contemplates on the Name with love. He becomes attuned to the Name. If it is so ordained, he accepts the Will of the Master.

 Suhi M3, 757-1

Those who love the Will of the Lord through the Grace of the Master become pure-minded. But this boon is received by him alone to whom the Master Himself grants it.

They accept His Will; they become pure. Oh Nanak, they receive it. He gives it to them out of love.

Ramkali M3, 918-2

Those who submit to the Will of the Master are rid of their sufferings. They become happy forever and their glory increases day by day.

He who submits to the Will of the Master, is freed from all sufferings.

Sri Rag M4, 89-9

He who acts according to the Will of the Master, is freed from all poverty and misery.

 Kanara Var M4, 1313-19

The instruction that the Master imparts, that the seekers hear. They who submit to the Master's Will, their glory increases four-fold. Mysterious is the way of true seekers they not merely hear but are intoxicated by what they hear.

 Gauri Var M4, 314-9

The egocentric man is entangled in the net of the mind and intellect. He is engrossed in cunning and cleverness and wanders about in doubt. He does not accept the Lord's Will. He conies and goes. He goes through the cycle of transmigration again and again and suffers greatly. He never dwells in his original Home in Sach Khand, the True Region. 

Other unhappy results of not submitting to His Will are given as follows:

The blind and egocentric man plays clever. He accepts not the Will of the Lord and thereby suffers great pain. He is lost in doubt; he comes and goes; he does not find the True Home.

Maru M3, 1064-2

In this Iron Age, Kali Yuga, egotism is very powerful. No one is ready to believe another. Those who have met a Master and accept His Will sing the praises of the Lord and are always satisfied. In this age, those are indeed blessed who live according to the Master's Will.

He who accepts the Will of the Master, he lovingly sings the praises of the Lord. Those are blessed in the Iron Age, who live within the Will of the Master.

Shalok M3, 1414-1

When one repeats the Names given by the Master, he begins to live within His Will, and all his doubts and fears are removed. 

He begins to say from his heart, 

"I accept what You wish". "That is good, which is acceptable to You." "Oh Father! Thy Will be done. Whatever You do tastes sweet. Oh Lord! Give us the boon of Your Name."

I serve the Master, and sing the Lord's Name. Oh You destroyer of doubt and fear, I submit to Your Will.

 Suhi M1, 752-17

Whatever You do tastes sweet. Nanak asks of the Lord the treasures of the Naam.

Asa M5, 364-3