The Will of the Master or Guru

We cannot see the Lord and are, therefore, not fit to understand His Will. But the Guru is the manifested form of the Lord. It is necessary, therefore, to act in accordance with His Will, since He accepts the Will of the Lord and is His incarnation.

I loved the Will of the Lord; the Master made me do so. The Lord blessed me.

Ramkali, Sad 923-9

His Will is the Will of the Lord. We can see the Master and we can also enquire from Him regarding the True Path. Whoever follows the Will of the Master is the recipient of the Lord's Grace.

He is kind to those who accept the Will of the Master. The Lord knows the secret of their hearts; they act as He wills.

Tukhari M4, 1115-6

He who accepts the Master's Will accepts the Will of the Lord as well. He easily obtains the fruits that accrue by living in accordance with the Will of the Lord. There is nectar in the Will of the Lord. The Guru's Will is permeating the Lord's Will. There is, therefore, nectar in the Will of the Master also. When the Lord so wills it, the devotee by contemplating on the Naam can drink that nectar. He can then attain the Truth.

How may I see You? How may I praise You? Through the Master's Grace I praise You through the Word. In Your Will rains the nectar and in Your Will do we drink it.

 Majh M3, 119-2

To the disciple who sacrifices himself for the Master or who enshrines His Will in his mind, the Master Himself bestows His Grace.

How can one serve such a Master? Surrender body and soul to Him. He who submits himself to His Will, the Master is kind to him.

 Gujri M3, 490-7

To act according to the Will of the Master is the duty of the disciple. The disciples accept the Will of the Master; the perfect Master then takes them across. Oh Lord, give us the dust of their feet, that we sinners may also obtain release.

Shalok M4, 1424-6

He who acts in accordance with the Will of the Master is a true disciple, friend, relation and servant.

That disciple is a true friend, a true kinsman, who acts according to the Will of the Master. He who follows his own will is separated from the Lord and suffers sorrow.

 Sorath M3, 601-19

Oh Nanak, he alone is the Lord's servant who offers his head to God. And accepts the Master's Will, and cherishes the Word in his heart.

Sarang Var M1, 1247-15

He who serves the Master and merges his light in his Master's light is acceptable at the door of the Lord. He who enshrines the Will of the Lord in his inner consciousness, is like the Lord Himself. He assumes His form. There is no doubt about it.

They who serve the true Master are approved of by God. They merge their light in the Flame. He alone is the servant of God who submits to his Will. 

 Malar M1, 1287-7

Those who walk in the Will of the Lord are very fortunate. They easily board the ship of the Name.

The Master is the boatman; the Lord's Name is the boat. How can one get into the boat? By submitting to the Master's Will, one finds himself ferried across. Blessed indeed is he; whom the Master unites with the Lord.

Sri Rag M4, 40-18

Maulana Rumi in the Diwan (collected writings) of Shamas-i-Tabriz, has made a pointed reference concerning the disciple and the Will of his Master. He says, 

"I asked my Master, Oh my dear Lord! How long do you intend to keep me entangled in this world and make me miserable?" 

The Master replied, 

"I will take you where I like; I will keep you where I like. You should remain silent and obey."

Oh Lord! How long will it be that You keep me entangled in the world? He said, Silence! You will go where I will.

He says in the end, 

"Oh Master! Whatever You will that alone I know. Whatever You make me see, that alone I see. If You keep me like this, I will so remain. If You keep me in some other condition, I will live like that."

In this reply of the disciple there is a complete absence of egotism and complete resignation to His Will.

Except what You wish me to know, what do I know? Except what You show me, what can I see? I will live like this, if You wish it. If You keep me in some other state, I will live like that.

Does the Master leave the seeker alone in this struggle? No, never. He gives support from within, and slaps from outside, so that the disciple may be purged of all impurities. The pot is thus completely made ready to contain the immortal and everlasting treasure.

The Lord has created us. He loves us. He may make us rich or poor, well or ill, happy or unhappy. We should be happy in whatever way He keeps us. They are all His bestowals. A carpenter saws a log into planks of different shapes and sizes and uses them at different places in making a box some at the bottom, others on the sides, and still others on the top to serve as a lid. Each serves its own purpose. All are chips of the same block. Similarly, we should live happily in accordance with the Will of the Lord in whatever state He keeps us, and make efforts as enjoined by the Master and thus gain freedom from the bondage of death through the power of the Name of the Lord.

My mind is the yard-stick, my tongue the scissors, and I measure and measure and cut off the bonds of death.

Namdev, Asa 485-13

The Saints and holy men offer this advice that whatever the Lord does, accept it as good.

All that the Lord does, with that I am pleased. This is the wisdom I have received from the Saints.

 Kanara M5, 1299-16

Guru Arjan says:

Place me on a throne, I will be Your slave. Make me a grass cutter, I will not complain. You alone are my Creator Lord, unparalleled and infinite.

 Sarang M5, 1211-14

If You give me happiness, I praise You. If You give me sufferings, I contemplate on You. If You give me hunger, I am content. In pain, I feel pleasure. If You keep me close to You I dwell upon You. If You beat and drive me out, I call on You. If people praise me, It is Your Glory. If they slander me, I do not leave You.

 Suhi M4, 757-11

If the Master takes me to task, I accept it gladly. If He forgives me, It is His greatness.

Suhi M4, 958-6

If You make me a king It increases not my glory. If You make me a beggar There is nothing that I lose.

Namdev, Gujri 525-2