Who loves the Will of the Lord and accepts it?

  1. The true devotee or Gurmukh (he who loves the Guru) loves the Will of the Lord.

    The true devotee loves Your Will; he easily obtains truth and bliss. Many try to understand the Will but it is the Lord Who makes one surrender to His Will.

    Maru M3, 1063-18
  2. Only those to whom He is kind and who love Him accept His Will.

    When You will it in Your mercy, they accept Your Will. Devotion is what pleases you. You are the sustainer of the world.

    Suhi M5, 747-2

    He, whom He wills, loves His Will.

     Maru M3, 1064-2

He who merely talks and does not understand His law is not an adept and is of no value. He who accepts His Will is a devotee.

He who merely talks, knows not the Will of the Lord. He who submits to the Lord's Will Is the devotee of God. Without it one is false.

Ramkali Var M3, 950-14

She who is liked by the Lord is the ever-happy bride. All embellishments and mannerisms become her. She is the most beautiful of all, and she ever remains happy.

She is truly embellished, she is incomparably beautiful, she alone is the ever-happy bride, who is approved by the Lord.

 Asa M5, 400-13

The clouds are thick and low, it raineth incessantly. Sayeth Nanak: Bride that walketh in the Will of the spouse, reveleth ever in joy.

Malar Var M1, 1280-16