The Characteristics and Functions of the Lord of Death

  1. He is a servant of the True Lord, Sat Purush and dispenses justice according to His Law. After death he asks all beings to account for their actions and he punishes the sinners.

  2. He is all-powerful and the creator of the three worlds (physical, astral and causal).

  3. He is the Negative Power or Kal and ensnares living beings in Maya or illusion.

  4. Dharam Rai is not satisfied with recitals and penances, worship and sacrifices, pilgrimages and charities and the like.

  5. There is no release from Dharam Rai without taking shelter with the Master. An egotistic and proud person remains always in the bondage of Maya.

  6. If one does not possess the wealth of the Naam he has to face the Lord of death who demands the account of his deeds.