Chapter II


The Masters in the line of Guru Nanak talk of Truth at many places in their writings. Ordinary people believe that it means that they should speak the truth which is an element of Sato Gun (good attributes) and is essential for spiritual progress. But the study of the Adi Granth, shows that the word 'Truth' has been used in it to denote Sat Punish (The True One – the True God).

Oh Nanak, consider the True One to be the Truth.

Sri Rag M1, 15-18

True is the Creator, True is the Cause, True is the Lord, True is the Master's support. Utter the Truth, For Truth brings enlightenment.

 Sri Rag M5, 52-8

Just as the Immortal Lord is beyond the limits of time, similarly "Truth" has neither a beginning nor an end. It is expressly stated in the Jap Ji that:

True in the beginning, True through the ages. He is True. He shall ever be True.

Jap Ji, 1-3

Truth is therefore the name of the True Lord, the Creator Himself. The qualities attributed to Truth are the same as those attributed to God. The Gurus in line of Guru Nanak have also used the word Naam or Divine Melody for Truth.

For him who loves the Truth, True is the Word and the Melody. The Name of God dwells in his heart. He gives up anger and egotism.

 Sri Rag M3, 33-17

In them is the treasure of the Name. Through It are they known. They worship the Name and contemplate on the Name, which is the Eternal Truth.

 Sri Rag M1, 17-7

Truth exists both inside and outside and is eternal. Truth rings throughout the four ages. It proclaims nothing but Truth.

 Sri Rag M3, 35-9

They merge into the source from which they spring. The Truth pervades everywhere.

Sri Rag M1, 20-4

The Truth has penetrated my core. And is seen in everything outside also.

 Ramkali Var M5, 966-8

Truth is free from caste, creed or colour. It can neither be written nor spoken. Beyond colour, sign and value are You. Have mercy on Nanak, oh Lord, and bless him with the Name.

 Sri Rag M5, 44-17

Truth is wine without sugar. But it contains the True Name.

 Sri Rag M1, 15-19

Truth is beyond the three worlds. Beyond the three worlds, Nanak found Truth the sweet Nectar.

 Maru M, 1042-15

Truth, Hari (the Lord) and Sathuru (the True Master) are one.

I own no one except You my Lord. The True Master is the Truth, snd the Lord is purest of the pure. He can be attained through the Word.

Sri Rag M3, 27-4

This truth is all-pervading and sustains all. The One Truth pervades and sustains all.

 Vadhans M3, 559-18

All is Truth. Truth pervades all. But this is known to a rare devotee alone.

 Suhi M3, 754-2

The Truth is obtained when one meets a true Master and follows His directions. It can dwell within us only through the Grace of the Master.

Without the Master all is darkness; but without the Word we realize it not. The Master's Word illumines the way; and one merges in the Truth.

 Sri Rag M1, 55-15

Through the Master's Word, is banished all egoism. And the Truth abides in the heart.

 Vadhans M3, 560-16

The Lord is merciful, He Himself makes us realize Him. Through Guru's Word does He dwell in our hearts, and we are attuned to the Truth.

 Sri Rag M3, 37-10

Those who serve the True Lord, attain the glory of Truth. Through the Master's Grace He dwells in our hearts, and rids us of all ego.

 Sri Rag M3, 30-6

In what kind of soil of the heart does the Truth grow? The Adi Granth has this to say:

The wise and truly great farmer Forgets not to till the soil before he sows the seed of the Name.

Sri Rag M1, 19-1

Truth is known When one is attuned to Truth. Such a one is both kind-hearted and is charitably disposed.

Asa Var M1, 468-11

This Truth manifests Itself only in the higher regions which are devoid of Maya. Truth is known When the Soul dwells at the Holy Place.

 Asa Var M1, 468-12

The Truth can be had only when one becomes a true devotee of a Master. Through the Master does one gather Truth, Self-discipline, the Quintessence of knowledge. Through the Master is one attuned to the Truth.

Vadhans M3, 559-19

The Gurus say that those who realise the Truth are true. They reflect and contemplate on Truth.

Those who know the Truth are ever true. They daily contemplate on the Truth. Oh Nanak, in whose hearts dwells the True Name, They suffer no pangs of separation.

 Suhi M3, 769-10

Those who meditate on the Truth, alone are True. They reflect on the Guru's Word. They still their ego and purify their hearts.

 Suhi Var M3, 788-5

Those who realize the Truth are alone True. Bereft of ego they merge in the Name.

 Basant M1, 1174-15

The Gurus have mentioned numerous benefits that accrue from contemplating on Truth.

One becomes happy and fearless. Those who know the Truth are happy through all the four ages.

Sri Rag M3, 55-2

Realize the Truth, And you banish fear,

Sri Rag M1, 18-5

Through the practice of Truth, the Lord dwells in the heart and detachment is achieved.

Those who realise the Truth Merge completely in the Truth. Through the Master's Word Their mind is stilled; and they meet the Lord face to face.

 Sri Rag M3, 37-4

When one mediates on the Truth, one's mind is illumined. Then, one remains detached In the midst of Maya.

 Dhanasri M1, 661-12

Ultimately with the help of Truth one crosses the ocean of worldly existence.

He who loves the Truth Transcends both birth and death. Separated he cannot be from Truth Which pervades all.

 Sri Rag M5, 46-17

This Truth can only be realised when the Lord so wills it. A true Master, who is one with the Truth, is a prerequisite for attaining the Truth. But such a Master is met with only by good fortune. On realising the Truth, one is rid of lust, anger, attachment, greed and egotism and becomes fearless. He is freed from the snares of the Negative Power (Kal) and crosses the ocean of worldly existence and is honoured at the door of the Lord. Blessed are those who have realised the Lord through the Master.

Truth, by meeting a True Master. I am a sacrifice to the Master; Who blessed me with the True Name.

 Sri Rag M5, 53-2

Those who did not carry the Truth with them Were beguiled on the way. Nanak, Blessed are they who meeting a Master, realize the Lord.

 Gauri M5, 319-5