The Carefree One

The Lord is very deep and unfathomable. Everything is His manifestation. Out of Him, Agam Purush, The Inconceivable Lord, Alakh Purush, The Indescribable Lord and Sat Purush, The True Lord, who are the rulers of the imperceptible, the invisible and the true regions respectively, came into existence.

He, the Lord, is very deep and unfathomable, oh Nanak! there is no one to equal the carefree Lord.

Gauri M5, 252-11

All the divine forces are sustained by Him. These are called Beings. The Lord (Hari) is known as the Great Being, Param Purush. Amongst these Beings is Par Brahm who creates worlds (Brahmands) and bodies (Pind), sustains them and destroys them. Millions of worlds are sustained by Him. Each world is being supervised by a Brahm, god. He is the Lord of millions of Brahmands (universes), and is the supporter of all.

He is the Lord of myriads of universes, the sustainer of all beings. He cares for all. The ignorant and unwise however do not know this.

Sorath M5, 612-6

The Supreme Lord has two aspects. One is Kal, the Negative Power, the creator of the universe and the other, Akal, the Immortal One or Dayal, the Merciful One, who is free from the cares and the worries of the lower worlds. These Beings have been described before. The Lord creates the universe according to His will. He sustains and pervades it. All this is from Him and is His manifestation.

The world is the abode of the True One; He dwells in it.

Asa Var M1, 463-13

He manifested Himself in myriads of waves;  no one can know His sport.

Gauri M5, 275-8

He is governing and administering the affairs of the pure spiritual regions as well as of the universes and the lower worlds, according to His will. Is this work, the vastness of which it is impossible to conceive and which bewilders us, any burden to Him? Is He busy thinking about it all the time? No! While doing all this He remains fresh as a blossom and in spite of its onerous nature He remains detached. He is unconcerned, independent and unmoved. After creating the universe and taking care of it He still remains free and ever happy. He has no cares and worries of any sort. He is perpetually in bloom. 

Guru Nanak says:

The ruler rules in an orderly manner. Oh Nanak! He blooms as unconcernedly as does a flower. 

Jap Ji, 2-3

He is carefree and imperceptible:

He is carefree and imperceptible; contemplate on Him all the twenty-four hours.

Ramkali M5, 896-5

He is the unfathomable Lord and is all-pervading. There is one seal of authority and one King. The carefree One is everywhere. His writ runs in all the three worlds He is the unknowable and unfathomable Lord.

 Basant M1, 1188-17

He is Truth. He is the redeemer of all our sins and shortcomings. My beloved is carefree and true. He purges us of our sins and faults.

Majh M3, 112-14

He is all-powerful. He does what He wishes to. He does not have to depend on anyone. He lacks nothing. He need not consult anyone.

Whatever the Lord does, He does it Himself. He has not to ask anybody; He consults no one.

Bhairon M4,  1135-7

His orders are absolute. No wisdom or cleverness can stand against Him. Everybody has to give up his self and bow to His Will. His Will is absolute.

No wisdom or argument can stand against It. One should abandon selfhood and take shelter with Him, and accept His Will.

Sarang M4, 1251-1

If He so wishes, He turns the prince into a pauper and the pauper into a prince. Those who realize Him are accepted unreservedly at His door.

The great ones He humbles. The humble ones He makes kings. Those who realize Him, are accepted by Him.

Prabhati M1, 1329-19

He humbles the great and raises the humble in an instant. None can fathom the glory of the Lord.

Bilawal M5, 813-10

As to the indifference of the Lord, Kabir Sahib has the following to say:

He transforms seas into land, land into sea, and sea into mountain.

He raises the humble to the skies and hurls the vain to the ground. He makes the beggar a king and the king a beggar. He does what He likes. There is no way to refuse to accept His will.

He turns sea into land. He turns hills into valleys. He turns valleys into mountains. From earth He raises some to the skies. Others He hurls from the skies to the earth. He makes the beggar a king. He makes the king a beggar. He makes the fool a wise man. He makes the wise man a fool. Of woman a man is born. Through men women come into being.

Says Kabir, I am a sacrifice to the vision of the Beloved of Saints.

Kabir, Saran 1252-4

The Lord is carefree. He is happy to see His Creation. To whomsoever He wills He shows the path. If He does not will it, He does not do so.

Watching all He is pleased. To whom He wills He shows the way. He leads some on this Path. Others He leads astray.

Bihagara M4, 550-13

If He is bounteous and so wills it, He transforms a heron into a swan. This is nothing extraordinary for Him.

A heron turns into a swan, if Your Bounty so wills. Nanak is the slave of Your slaves; have compassion on him.

Basant M1, 1171-6

Whether you are a swan or a heron, you are saved only by His Grace. Oh Nanak, if He so wills He turns a crow into a swan.

Sri Rag M4, 91-4

He is carefree. Only by taking refuge at His door and asking for His Grace alone one can attain salvation.

Ask not for an account of my deeds; I err every moment. Forgive me my sins. Across the ocean show me the way.

Gauri M5, 261-1

Our repetitions and austerities have no merit. It is only through His Grace that one is saved in the end. There is no end to our sins. All our actions lead to bondage. If the Lord in His mercy takes us out of the ocean of misdeeds, then alone we, the sinking stones, can swim across.

As the sea is brimful with water; so are my sins without count. Have pity on me and in Your Grace, let this sinking stone swim across.

 Gauri M1, 156-14

The attainment of the carefree Lord and the release of the Soul depend solely upon His gGace. Those whom he favours, follow Gurmat (teachings of the Saints) and realize the Reality.

Detached and unfathomable is He. He can be known by the Master's Grace alone.

Sri Rag M1, 20-13

When one meets a Master, then through His Grace, love for the Carefree Lord springs up in the heart.

Carefree is He. Know Him by the Master's Grace.

Gauri M5, 187-18

Union with Him can be had only by uttering the Unutterable Word.

Praised be the unutterable Lord, He is the carefree true One. He unites us with the Shabd, And we then enjoy its taste.

Maru M1, 1057-4

It is however, a rare devotee who attains this state in his life and thus he experiences everlasting bliss.

He is in the body, whether you find Him or not. The devotee searches for Him within, and by meeting Him He gains everlasting peace, and unites with Him.

 Maru M3, 1066-13

The Master is indistinguishable from the Lord. He also is carefree. Praise Him with every breath. All fear is banished by taking refuge in Him.

Praise Him with every breath. The Master is the carefree Lord. Take refuge with Him and banish fear. The slanderers are all killed. They fall to the ground far and near.

 Gond M4, 869-15

The Lord and the Master are one. He who knows this becomes carefree himself. He becomes a true king and fearless.

He who knows is carefree. He who knows is truly great. He who knows has no fear. He needs no other effort.