Niranjan – The Immaculate One

The word Niranjan is made up of the two words Nir (without) plus Anjan (Maya). It means a being who is free from Maya (Illusion). The extent of Maya is very wide. In the gross regions it is called Maya. In the subtle or causal regions it is known as Prakriti (Matter). It predominates in all regions below Sach Khand, which is the highest region. Niranjan is a being who is beyond the limits of Maya. Dissolutions and grand dissolutions can not reach Him. There are several references to Niranjan in the Adi Granth. In some places it is used as a substitute for Hari and Nirankar. It is pointed out in the scriptures that when nothing existed the Immaculate Absolute (Niranjan Nirankar) was there. He had no form or colour.

What was He doing when all this was not? The formless Immaculate One was all in all. 

M5 Gauri 216-2

You are the self-existent, formless Immaculate Lord. They who contemplate upon You Are truly rid of all their sufferings.

M4 Gauri Var 301-8

The Lord is all by Himself.He is the Immaculate Being. The Lord unites us with Himself everything that He wills comes to pass.

M4 Vadhans 573-10
  1. He is ever the same and has been so from the beginning of time. He is fearless and Supreme.

    He does not increase or decrease. He is the timeless Immaculate One. 

    Kabir, Gauri 343-10

    Oh Nanak, he who knows the secret knows Him to be the Primal Being, the Immaculate One.

    M3 Bhairo 1129-4

    Seldom it is that one hungers for the Immaculate One. Oh Nanak, rarely does one get this food.

    M3 Ram Kali Var 949-3

  2. Niranjan has been described as invisible, unfathomable, inaccessible and limitless. He is also called Hari (God) and Sat Purush (True Being or Lord).

    He abides both here and hereafter. How can we find Him? He is the invisible, immaculate Lord. Of Himself He unites us with Himself.

    M3 Gauri 162-19

    The Name is immaculate, invisible, unknowable, the Master made us realise it.

    M 3 Vadhans 585-9

    Serve the eternal, Immaculate Lord. He is the Creator.

    M1 Majh Var 138-8

    Oh my beloved! All contemplate on You. You are the eternally true and Immaculate Being. 

    M4 Kanara 1313-12

Niranjan and Ekankar are the same.

You are the inner-knower, the blesser of all life; On seeing You one is intoxicated with bliss. You are the Supreme Being, immaculate and Fearless, and pervade both the land and the sea.

M5 Ram Kali 916-4

In describing the abode of Niranjan, mention is made of Param Hansas (very high and pure souls) and unlimited light. Ekankar (the One) dwells there. Innumerable pure souls are there who have pure bodies and who live on the food of the Lord's Name.

The Lord's Immaculate Name is the pure food w hich the devotees, swan-like, taste, and see the infinite light of Truth, and wherever they see, They see the One, the Absolute Lord.

M1 Gauri 227-15

They accept sufferings as nectar, and do not suffer again.

M1 Mam 1034-16

  1. The word Niranjan is used for the Being who rules the subtle regions.

    He knows the ruler of the black lotus to be Niranjan; with the Grace of the Lord he realises the Shabd.

    M1 Maru 1040-7
  2. The name of the Lord (Niranjan) pervades all. It is reverberating in every heart in the form of Shabd Dhun (the Divine Melody of Sound).

    The melody of the Divine balancing power comes to us through the True Shabd. The mind is attuned to the Truth. The devotee then enshrines in his mind . The unfathomable invisible Name of God.

    M3 Sarang 1234-7

Niranjan is the essence of the Lord's Name and is the nectar of celestial bliss. Niranjan is Shabd in form. The Name and the Named are one. In other words the Name of Niranjan has the same attributes as Niranjan Himself. The Gurus mention both interchangeably. He is the source of the five Shabds or Celestial Sounds. Only the devotees and Saints can realise Him. He is beyond Brahm and it is only through His Grace that one can give devotion to Him.

Niranjan is realised by devotees through the Grace of the Guru and His company. When one goes beyond delusion, attachment and egotism, when one dies while living, when one goes into Sunn (the perfect void) or Samadhi (spiritual ecstasy) one experiences Him. By merging in the Anhad Shabd (Unending Music) one realises the Lord.

One is rid of fear and merges in Bliss. One is purged of ego and imbued with the Eternal Lord. One knows the reality of Maya and the Immaculate One, the King of all.

M1 Maru 1040-4

Through the Grace of the Master, a disciple, while still surrounded by Maya, realises the Immaculate One and his light merges in the Eternal Flame.

Environed by Maya, he attains the Immaculate One and merges his light in the Flame.

M3 Majh 112-11

By attaining to Niranjan, the mind is controlled. The fear of death is banished and light (soul) merges in the Flame (the Lord). True knowledge and the highest spiritual stage are gained. The Third Eye is awakened and one is enabled to return to his original Home. Besides, several other advantages also accrue to the disciple. It is only through the Immaculate One that one can realise the Supreme Lord or the nameless Being. The true devotee is one who has realised Niranjan.