Ram Rai – The Lord God or Sat Purush

Ram Rai, Akal Purush (Timeless Lord), Sat Naam (True Name) and Sat Purush (True God) are names of the same Being. 

The Gurus give Sat Purush the name of Ekankar also. Ram Rai pervades all hearts. He is the reflection and image of the Lord. It is only through Him that the Nameless Lord can be attained. In the beginning the Lord was unmanifest. He then became manifest.

Sat means unchangeable permanence. The being that does not exist is hidden. To become manifested is to exist. That invisible, unknowable and unmanifested Being assumed form. That Being came to be known as Sat Purush, Akal Purush or Ekankar. The Lord, after assuming this form, unfolds His creation in various ways and sustains it. The word Ram has been used at several places in the Adi Granth. It does not point to any incarnation. It means Sat Purush (True Being) or Nirankar (the Absolute). 

Kabir Sahib has explicitly dwelt upon it as follows:

*There are four Rams in this world. Three of them pertain to the world; the fourth Ram is the Real One. Dwell upon Him. One Ram lived in the house of Dashrath, one Ram dwells in every heart. One Ram is the creator of this universe. One Ram is distinct from the three attributes.


The first Ram, known as Ram Chandra, was the son of King Dashratha. The second Ram is the mind, which abides in every heart. The third Ram is Kal, the Negative Power, who has created the three worlds or the three attributes. The fourth Ram is different from these and is free from the three attributes. Everyone contemplates on the three worlds, but never does anyone discover the secret of the fourth One.

* (This section is adjusted to the Fifth Edition of 1987;
Editor’s Note 2011.)

All contemplate on the three worlds. They do not know the secret of the fourth One.


All the world is engrossed in love for the three attributes. But without Sat Naam one remains in delusion. Without Sat Naam how can one ever cross the ocean of existence!

In the worship of the three attributesIs the entire world deluded. Says Kabir, How can anyone get across the ocean of this world without True Name.


This Ram is in reality the same as Sat Naam or Sat Purush. This is the fifth region which is hinted at and which is the goal of the disciple.

Kal or Dharam Rai Lord of Judgement, is acting under the orders of Akal Purush, Ram Rai or Sat Purush.

The Saints, who are incarnations of Sat Purush, are also working in this world. Their duty is to take souls back to the lap of Sat Purush in the highest heavens.

Ram Rai is invisible. He is attained through Satsang, Satguru and attunement with the Divine Music, Shabd. Everlasting bliss is obtained by union with Him. It is difficult to attain this state without prior knowledge of Brahm. He is met when one has attained the state of tranquillity. By acquiring this one gets rid of all troubles. The angel of death dares not come near and one becomes fearless. Ram Rai pervades every heart and is a reflection of the Lord.