Ekankar – The One

Adi Niranjan (the Immaculate One) is actionless. He is separate from all. Whenever He wishes to create, He does so through His representative, Ekankar, The One, or Sat Purush, True Being.

The Lord as the One, is manifesting in manifold ways.

The Master, our Creator pervades the earth, the waters and the inter space; Though manifests He in myriads of ways!

Gauri M5, 296-12

Bhai Gurdas says that the Absolute, who is Adi Niranjan (the Immaculate one) or the Lord, assumed the form of Ekankar and created all the innumerable universes by His Will.

The Formless One took the form of that One. He took the form of Onkar and created all.

Bhai Gurdas, Var 39, Pauri-2

This deathless death, too is the creation of the Lord, to annihilate the world of form.

Kabir, Maru, 1104-7

There are two forces at work in nature.

One is Kal Time or the Negative Power, or Maha Kal the great Negative Power.

And the other is Akal Timeless.

Both were created by the Lord to unfold and develop the creation. The Lord or the Absolute manifested as Sat Purush True Being, or Akal Purush Timeless One, and unfolded the universe.

The region of Ekankar is beyond the reach of dissolution and grand dissolution. The Saints aim at attaining this region-of-no-return.

The Tenth Guru in the line of Guru Nanak says:

You are the destroyer of Kal and Maha Kal, You are the deathless one.

Those who have access to Sat Purush or Ekankar are called Saints. Guru Nanak and his successors have called them Satgurus.

Those who realise the True One are called Satgurus.

Gauri M5, 286-12

When the soul merges in that One or realises Him, it becomes fit to reach the Lord's abode. Ekankar or Sat Purush gives the soul His own essence and enables it to see the Lord's abode.

The Immaculate One is pure; there is no one like Him. When that One dwells in the heart, egoism and pride vanish.

Maru M1, 1034-2

There are millions of Brahm-Loks, or higher regions that work under the governance of Brahms who represent the Ekankar and carry out His Orders and revolve around Him being taken care of and sustained by Him. Saints obey the True Being.

The Brahm have no control over the Saints. Saints by initiating persons into the mystery of the Name of God, take them direct to Sat Purush. Ekankar is different from the Onkar of the Vedas.

Onkar is the ruler of the three worlds, and his domains extend up to and include Trikuti, the second spiritual region.

Ekankar is Akal Purush or Sat Purush the True God. He is beyond Kal, the negative power. Kal merely supports this creation; but Ekankar is all pervading and is the ruler of all the five regions.

Ekankar can be realized through a True Master by remaining in His company. Attaining Him, doubts, perversions, delusions and egotism are destroyed. The mind comes under control and one swims across the ocean of phenomena.