Adi Niranjan – The Immaculate One

The Gurus use at places the words Adi Niranjan to describe the Lord. Adi Niranjan is the Lord, the Supreme Master, ageless and boundless.

He is from the very beginning, He has existed through the ages, He has no limits; He is immaculate. Such is our Lord.

Maru M1, 1023-11

He is formless. The entire universe was created by His will. He pervades all. He has no caste or colour.

He is beginningless and immaculate; He is without any attributes. He pervades all and yet He is separate from all.

Maru M5, 1075-13

At the abode of Adi Niranjan, there is neither sun nor moon. Nor can we call it darkness nor light. He is engrossed in His own bliss.

There is no son or moon; Adi Niranjan rests in bliss.

Kabir, Bhairon, 1162-14

He is pure and has no partner. To meet Him one has to make Ekankar the Lord, dwell in one's heart. Then alone will the love for Adi Niranjan be awakened.

Those who have received school and college education know that this earth, with the moon and the planets, is revolving round the sun. The sun, like other solar systems, is revolving round another luminous entity, far brighter than itself. Similarly, this three-tiered universe, with its Lord, is revolving around that Sat Purush True Being, and that Niranjan the Immaculate One, in its turn is going round its source, the Adi Niranjan. The Adi Niranjan the Eternal Immaculate One, is beyond time and timelessness, form and formlessness. Adi Niranjan and Hari Rai are the names of the same Supreme Lord.