Har Rai – The Lord of Lords

The Gurus have mentioned Har Rai a number of times. Har here does not mean any god or incarnation like Hari. Har here refers to the Supreme Lord and Nameless Being. Just as it has been mentioned in connection with 'Ekankar' the One, the Lord, Har, is One.

Similarly, it is true that there is no difference between Har Rai, Soami and Anami Purush the Nameless Highest Diety. One should praise Ekankar the One and take shelter with Har Rai the Lord of Lords.

Praise the One, the One Lord; contemplate on Him. Praise the virtues of Gobind and Gopal; take shelter with Hari Rai.

Gauri M5, 296-12

He is a vast reservoir of nectar, inaccessible, infinite, redeemer of sinners, refuge of devotees, compassionate, and knower of all hearts. He is the emancipator of the Saints, and his abode is the highest abode or the original abode. He has myriads of names, but His value cannot be assessed on the basis of these names. These names are not adequate to describe Him.

The Names of the Lord are infinite; He is unknowable. But the wise considered His virtues; they could not evaluate Him.

Kalyan M4, 1319-3

He is, therefore, also called the Nameless Being.

Maulana Rumi has said:

I begin with the name of Him who has no name. Call Him by any name and he will respond.

Maulana Rumi

His law is written large everywhere. No one can defy it. He is watching over all. He can be realised only by a rare fortunate soul. Only a true devotee but not an egoist, can meet Him.

Hari Rai can be realised through the Grace of the Master, by rendering service to Him and keeping his company. On realising Har Rai, one gets inner light. One's wishes are fulfilled. One obtains bliss and is freed for ever from the cycle of birth and death.