He is the Power and is All-Pervading

This primal force is eternal and immortal. What is the proof that there is only one power and that this world was not created as a result of the interaction of more than one force? It may suffice to refer to the view of John Stuart Mill that this force is really one and is homogeneous and is present in this universe in a certain quantity which neither increases nor decreases. This force is all-pervading and is running the entire great Universe of universes.

The lovers are many but the Beloved is one. Religions and creeds are different, but all have the same object.

In all the religious scriptures He is not described as confined to any one race, religion or community. He is described as "the Lord of all universes." It is stated that all things have emanated from Him. He pervades everywhere. No place or thing whether sentient or insentient is without His light.

Our Lord or Father is one. We are all His sons. Thus we are all brothers. These eyes of flesh cannot see Him. The eyes with which He can be seen are different and to see Him they have to be opened or awakened.

Oh Nanak, those eyes with which He can be seen are different.

Maru Var M5, 1100-1

Shamas-i-Tabriz, the great thirteenth century Persian Saint, says:

You should see Him with your own eyes, You should hear His voice with your own ears. One should see the Lord with one's inner eyes and hear Him with one’s inner ears.