Where is God?

Ignorant persons think that God lives beyond the skies or beneath the depth of the oceans. Great souls realize Him in their hearts, and perfect Saints see Him everywhere, both within and without.

Saints and holy men say that He pervades the entire universe and that the universe is in Him.

The world is the abode of the true One. He dwells in it.

Asa Var M2, 463-13

This universe is His body in which He dwells. He pervades every atom in the same way as the soul pervades every pore of the body and is enabling it to function. The body is reduced to dust when the soul leaves it. Similarly, this universe is destroyed when He withdraws His power from it.

The Akash (Ether) from which this universe is made and the Prana (Life Energy) which runs it, are powers created by the Lord. He is the Creator, the Sustainer and the Destroyer of the entire universe.