Imbibing Virtues

Lord is the storehouse of all virtues. The soul which imbibes virtues realizes the Lord and is dear to Him. Such a soul is blessed. Those virtues by imbibing which the soul is honoured at the door of the Lord are classed under fourteen heads in the hymns. Those should be carefully considered and imbibed.

There are many virtues in the Lord. The soul that imbibes them finds the Lord and is dear to Him. She is the happy bride who is dear to the Lord.

Oh Love, I am bewitched by Your many virtues. Such virtues I find not in another.

Asa M1, 359-9

The virtuous one found the truth by giving up desire for evil. She dyed her mind in the Shabd of the Guru and uttered the words of love and endearment with her tongue.

Sri Rag M3, 36-19

Praise the truth, practise the truth and only true name can satisfy. Meditate on virtues, imbibe virtues and give up evil.

Sri Rag M3, 37-16

Oh my mind! be pure and true, and love the Lord the evil will disappear and virtues will appear and you will unite with the Lord.

Asa M1, 437-14

He who realizes the Name and imbibes the virtues of the Lord is dear to Him. Oh Nanak!, it is not she who is dear. It is so because of the necklace of Name.

Gauri M3, 243-19

If I have treasure of fragrant virtues, I will enjoy the fragrance. If my friends are also blessed, let us share with them.

Suhi M1, 765-19