Advantage of Continence

Dr. Nicholson writes, "It is a medical and physiological fact that the best blood in the body goes to form elements of reproduction in both sexes. In a pure and orderly life, this matter is re-absorbed and it goes back into circulation ready to form the finest brain, nerve and muscular tissues. This matter carried back and diffused through his system makes a man manly, brave and heroic."

If one remains celibate, even simple food is sufficient to keep fit and healthy and one will not need medicines and so forth. His life will become pure, his heart and body will be strong and he will attain long life. He will also be able to control his anger and his sense organs. He will have a pure, clean and good heart. He will be virtuous, non-violent and of a good moral character. 

Thus his children will be a valuable asset to the coming generation.

Chastity is life and sexuality is death.