Secret of the Health of Saints and Great Men

We find from the life history of great men that their longevity was primarily due to simple and spare fare.

  1. Kabir Sahib used to eat mainly rice and pulse cooked together.

    Oh Kabir, take rice and pulses with a pinch of salt as nectar. Why should one have his throat cut for bread.

    Kabir, Salok, 1374-13

  2. Hazrat Mohammed's main food was barley.

  3. General Booth of the Salvation Army lived to the age of 83 years and was always healthy. He writes, "I have not eaten fish, meat or chicken for the past many years. My food mainly consists of butter, cheese, vegetables and cereals. I eat fruit also. I drink warm milk. I abstain from intoxicating and coloured drinks. I do not smoke."

The simpler the life and food, the sooner the stomach digests the food and gets rid of it. The heart is fresh and the brain is clear. Body would be alert and would not feel tired from work.

Plain living and high thinking pays.