Secret of good Health and long Life

  1. Do not eat in haste. It produces indigestion. If food is chewed slowly, it is acted upon by saliva in the mouth. In haste, the secretion is not mixed and the stomach cannot easily digest it. Therefore, chew it completely and it should go down the throat as liquid. Mr. Gladstone assigned his long life to slow eating and chewing each morsel thirty-two times. If the food is eaten thus, dyspepsia is cured and even small quantity is very beneficial.

  2. Do not load your stomach too much. This leads to indigestion.

  3. Do not eat either too cold or too hot food. This disturbs the stomach and leads to indigestion.

  4. Fast twice each month. But one whose evening meal is light, simple and small, need not fast.

  5. Always have regular times for food and it should be eaten in a happy and care-free mood.