How many Times and when should the Food be taken

Food prepared on Western lines is easily digested in five or six hours and the Indian food takes a little longer, i.e. seven or eight hours to digest.

Doctors consider that children should eat three times — morning, noon and evening, whereas older people should not eat more than twice daily — morning and evening. The evening meal should be taken at least three hours before sleep, in order that a good portion of it is digested by then.

One should fill half the stomach with solid food, one-fourth with water, and the remaining portion should be empty. 

If these simple principles are adhered to, there will be no ailments in the system.

Sheikh Sa'adi says that portion of the stomach which remains empty will be filled with the Light of God.

The physical body becomes fat with food. The soul on the other hand gets more energy with smaller intake of food.

Just as from taking food the body grows fat, similarly the soul gains strength from fast.