What should we eat?

Whatever is necessary for man to eat is found in fruits-citrus fruits, bananas, figs, dates, apples, pineapples, almonds, walnuts, groundnuts, coconuts and certain other dry fruits. 

Some scientists believe that it is not necessary to cook food. Boiling and cooking of vegetables destroy various energy-giving elements. They believe that a vegetable or a fruit, which cannot be taken without boiling, is actually not our food. 

Fruits increase mental and physical energy and we do not feel tired of working. After these, come vegetables, pulses and cereals, butter and milk. Wheat is considered to be the best energy producing food among cereals. Wheat flour ground in hand stone mills and from which bran has not been separated is beneficial. 

Mill ground flour is not good. 

Porridge of wheat or boiled wheat taken with milk, dried fruits like raisins, etc., and sugar is more strength-giving than other foods. Milk, curd and fresh fruits are good foods. 

Pulses take long to be digested. They produce a certain acidic poison and should be taken sparingly.