7. Charity

The Lord is bountiful. He is the giver of all blessings. We always pray, "Oh bountiful Lord, give us" and He always grants us boons.

Jap Ji, 2-4

There is one Father and we are His children. You are my Master.

Sorath M5, 611-19

Whatever He is giving, is for all. Whatever we have, others also have a right to it. We should share and enjoy. We all belong to the Lord. If we really become His, then all become our partners and nobody will seem to us to be outside the sphere of the Lord.

All are your partners. You are outside of none, Oh dear!

Majh M5, 97-8

All human beings are different organs of the Lord, as all spring from the same essence.

Human beings are organs of each other as in the beginning they come from the same stalk.

To share one's hard-earned income with the helpless and the sick and to spend it on the poor, the downtrodden and orphans is called charity. Charity is very necessary for the good of the world. Charity is a meritorious action. By charity fragrance and freshness increase while stinginess leads to stinking. It is like well water which remains cool, fresh and sweet as long as the well is worked. Charity is sharing wealth with the needy and spending it on good works. He who does not spend in charity, wastes his wealth on unfruitful actions.

Kabir Sahib has said:

When water increases in the boat or wealth in the house, to take it out with both the hands is what the wise do.