The Religion of Humanity

The man in whom the desire to know the mystery of Life has awakened, has first to be a man. 

A man should possess the high virtues of a human being otherwise he cannot be called a man. He cannot be man by simply having the form of a man or dressing like a man or behaving like him. 

There are many human robots but there are few who have virtues special to a human being. They are called the top of the creation because of their human virtues. A man devoid of humanity is worse than an animal. 

It was owing to these human virtues that he was considered higher in rank than anybody else and they were asked to worship him. He was, therefore, called His representative. 

He who is devoid of human virtues is really an animal in human form. It is therefore necessary that he should be a man of principles. This should be his ideal. This is the working principle. The highest duty of man is to imbibe human virtues.