The Ideal of Spiritual Men

The aim of a seeker after spirituality should be high. In order to acquire spirituality one's aim should be high. Unless there is some definite object or aim, it is useless to hope to achieve it. When his aim or object is certain then every effort brings him nearer to it. The condition of a common man is like that of a drifting man who floats in any direction the current takes him. We are floating in the river of traditions of this world. We follow the traditions. We do as our ancestors have done. We waste time in superstitions connected with the body. We never think of wants other than those of the body. We do not think of the soul or its plight. It is necessary to give up false beliefs. Adopt right beliefs. Follow the right principles. Understand the reality.

If you do not understand it, inquire about it, so that you may clearly see the place you are to cross and there may be no obstruction in treading the right path. Those who follow a path followed by others without due consideration get involved in some superstition. Their progress stops and they do not get spirituality. It is, therefore, an essential condition of success to keep before you the ideal. Ask of yourself as to what you want to be. What ideal have you set in life?

A large majority of persons are without an ideal and even if you find a man with an ideal he would consider the world as the ultimate goal. The seekers after spirituality would be only a few. Have a peep inside yourself. What do you want to be? You ask for spiritual wealth with your tongue but wish for other things in your heart. Intellect says that it is good to attain spirituality, but mind is involved in the body and bodily pleasures and does not wish for anything else. How then can one seemingly engaged in spirituality obtain success?

In the first place, you should have a clear-cut ideal and then a keen desire to attain it. It is only under such condition that there can be a hope of success, but in order to obtain it you should lessen your love for wealth, woman and world.