It is extremely difficult to give up Pride

The world is worshipping woman and wealth. Their power is increasing. The rich and the poor are equally affected. Their influence affects all walks of life. It is extremely difficult to give them up but still we come across persons who have done so. It is, however, far more difficult to give up pride and vainglory, partisanship and envy. Those, who do so, are very few. To give up Maya is difficult but it is to no purpose if inner pride is not surrendered.

Pride has brought about the fall of many great ascetics and destroyed them. If one gives up pride and sets fire to the considerations of vainglory, he then unites with the Name.

Kabir says:

It is easy to give up gold, or love of woman. It is rare to give up pride, vainglory or envy. What if one gives up Maya while pride is there! Pride humbled many ascetics, it devoured them. Blacken the face of pride and set fire to vainglory. Give up pride and vainglory and unite with Naam.

There is always suffering where egoism or pride is present. Where there is doubt, there is grief. All these are chronic diseases.

Kabir Sahib asks as to how they can be removed.

There is suffering where there is egoism. There is grief where there is doubt. Oh Kabir, how can these be cured! They are chronic diseases.

Kabir Sahib further says that by repeating the true Name, the soul becomes happy. Alms giving or giving of food is charity. To cross the ocean of the world, humility acts as a boat. There is none worse than pride to drown us.

Take to true Name and give alms, humility to cross and pride to drown.

Guru Arjan teaches us to pray thus: 'Oh Saints! Tell me that which leads to removal of pride, to seeing of transcendental One in all beings and to becoming the dust of the feet of all. I may see the Lord present in person within me and my doubts may vanish.'

Saints show this way To those who give up egoism. Those who see the transcendental one in all elements and become the dust of all; They feel the presence of the Lord within them and their doubts vanish.

Sorath M4, 616-17

Guru Amar Das also says, "Oh Mind, do not think you know anything. A Gurmukh is always without pride."

Oh mind, have no pride of knowing anything, a Gurmukh is devoid of it.

Asa M2, 441-9

Oh creature, if you wish yourself well, then, while doing charity, be humble and meek. If you want your good, do charity and be meek.

Asa War M1, 465-16

If in the balance one weigheth a thing, that which is heavier, alone toucheth down.

Asa M1, 470-14

To consider oneself humble is for his own good. This humility leads to greatness just as all bow to the phase of the moon on the second day. It is good to be small.

Smallness (humility) achieves everything. Just as it is the moon on the second night to which all bow.

Kabir Sahib

A humble person can see all others but none notices him. He who can see him becomes a god from a man.

The humble one can see all, no one looks at him. He who looks at the humble becomes a god from a man.

Kabir Sahib

Humility is not weakness. It is such a powerful thing that all the powers of the world have to bow to it. Man conquers himself with pridelessness. No one can defeat a prideless man; as behind his humility is acting the secret power of the Lord. Humility is an ornament of great men.