The Results of Humility

The Lord is always present in person with those who pray in humility and with meekness. They play in the ocean of the Lord like fishes in water. The Lord is immanent in land and sea. If there is humility in heart, the Lord meets up openly. He pervades land and sea everywhere. If there is humility in heart, He meets openly. He who observes humility, poverty and praying. The Lord is with him like fish in water.

The Lord is like a piece of candy which pervades you. Only an ant can pick up sugar from the sand, no elephant can do so. Similarly persons proud of caste, race or family cannot gain any virtue or learn any lesson from the creation of the Lord. Only a humble person can derive this benefit.

Kabir Sahib says:

Lord, in the form of sugar spread over the sand, cannot be picked up by an elephant. Oh Kabir! Give up caste and race, become an ant and pick it and eat it.

Kabir, Ramkali, 972-10

Guru Amar Das says that you should give up egoism and become slaves of the Master. Then you will realize the Lord.

He who is slave of the slaves of the Lord finds the Lord after giving up egoism.

Sorath M3, 600-13

Guru Arjan, the very source of humility, says, "Poverty is our mace and becoming dust of all is our sword. These are our chief weapons of defence. No evil-minded person can stand against them. This has been so said by the perfect Master.

Poverty is our mace to be dust is our sword. No one can withstand them the Perfect Master has said it.

Sorath M5, 28-14

He who considers himself humble is really very noble. He, whose mind has become dust of all, recognises the name of the Lord in every heart.

He who knows himself to be low He is to be counted as highest; he whose mind is the dust of all He recognises the name of Hari (God) in all hearts.

Gauri M5, 266-7

The Lord in His Grace makes poverty dwell in his heart. His mind becomes humble. He is always happy. He enjoys bliss. He is not happy, if the world lauds him; nor unhappy, if it speaks ill of him. He is a redeemed soul and obtains bliss in the court of the Lord hereafter.

Guru Arjan says, "Oh my mind! become the dust of all so that you may live in happiness and bliss."

Oh my mind, become the dust of all so that you may have bliss, happiness and joy.

Sorath M5, 614-11

He, in whose mind dwells poverty by His Grace, is emancipated here and enjoys bliss hereafter, oh Nanak.

Gauri M5, 278-9

When mind becomes the dust of all, they are all friends. The Lord pervades all and all beings are sustained by His mercy.

Asa M5, 379-5