Prayer of Surdas

Oh save me, my Lord; I am sitting unprotected on the branch of a tree. The hunter (Karm Dev) has his arrow pointed at me. I want to escape him, but a falcon is hovering over me. I am between two dangers, oh merciful Lord, who is to save me?

As soon as I remembered You, a serpent stung the hunter and the arrow struck the falcon. How can Surdas praise Your virtues? All glory to You, oh merciful Lord.

Save my honour, oh Lord; You know all. I have earned no merit. I cannot give up evil deeds even for a moment, what to say of hours; I bear on my head the burden of hypocrisy.

To wife, son and wealth am I attached, and I have lost my senses. Redeem Surdas the sinner, my boat is full to the brim.