Prayer of Dharam Das

Oh Master, Lord of Lords, give me the boon of devotion; may I never forget to serve the feet of the Master while I live. I do not fast, or go on pilgrimage, or worship in a temple; I am controlling my mind, my speech and my actions.

The eight kinds of Sidhis, the nine kinds of Ridhis (occult powers) or dwelling place in heaven, these I ask not, oh my powerful and bountiful Lord.

Articles of comfort, family, wealth and a beautiful wife in my home; these I do not desire even in dream, I swear by You, my Master. Hear the prayer of Dharam Das1, oh powerful Lord; free him from transmigration and make him Your own.


Footnote: 1) Dharam Das was the disciple and successor of Kabir. For further information see the Anurag Sagar on this website.