Prayer of Mira Bai

You redeemed Ajamil, the sinner, You redeemed Sadna, You saved the elephant from drowning, the courtesan1 rode the air chariot, and You redeemed many other sinners, the wise Saints say this is so.

You redeemed the lowly forest woman2 and Kubja, this is known to all the world. How can I mention all? They are a legion. Even the Vedas and Purans have failed to accomplish this. Oh Lord! Mira has taken shelter with You; hear this with both Thy ears.

I have suffered greatly in this world, doubt and sorrow have tortured me. Now have compassion on me, remove my suffering and take me across.

All this world is drifting in the current of the eighty-four; oh merciful Lord of Mira, pray, end the transmigration.

I feel no rest without meeting You, my heart feels it so. I rise high and see the Path, by weeping all through the night.

This world is all illusion, family and relations are all false. I pray with folded hands, oh hear my prayer! This mind of mine is very unruly, like a wild elephant running amok; the Master has placed his hand on its head, and is trying to persuade it by force.

Mira's Lord is merciful, she has united her heart to His feet. I look at Your form every moment, on seeing You, I feel happy.

My intellect is robbing me, however hard I try to direct my mind; I try to control the mind, oh Lord, but I am helpless and dying; oh, come soon to me, my Lord,

Each day I hear religious discourses, but still I am afraid of the evil mind.

Without fail I always serve the holy men, and I busy myself in remembrance and contemplation. Pray, show Thy slave the path of devotion, oh Lord, make Mira Your true devoted slave.

My friends have turned into foes, I am disliked by all. I have no friend but You, my boat is tossing in the sea. I have no rest all day or sleep at night, I stand alone and wither.

My heart is pierced by the arrows of separation, I cannot forget this even for a moment.

You redeemed Ahilya3 who had turned into stone and was lying in the forest. Mira is over-burdened with sorrows. I have met the Perfect Master, Ravi Das. He came from our original Home in the heavens. When the Master showed me the world within, light merged into Light.

I am drifting on the ocean of this world, take me out of it, I beg You. There is no friend in this ocean, the only true friend is the Lord. Father, mother and family members, all have their own ends to serve. Oh Lord! hear the prayer of Mira, be pleased to give her a place at Your feet.


Footnote: 1) Refers to story of a prostitute who obtained salvation by practising the Name. 2) Shibri. 3) A mythological wife of Gautam Rishi.