Kabir’s Prayer

I pray with folded hands, listen to me, oh merciful Master. Give me peace and the company of Saints; also humility, poverty and knowledge.

Kabir makes this prayer while thinking of your holy feet. Show me the true path of the Saints, oh Master. How can I utter a word of prayer? I am ashamed of myself. I sin before your eyes. How can You love me? I am full of faults and you are faultless; You are virtuous and I am a sinner.

Even if I forget you, pray, forget me not. Oh Lord, forget me not, though You can have thousands of others. You can get many like me; but I cannot get any other like You. How can I forget You? I have nowhere else to go. My mind cares not for Shiva or Muni Narad. If I forget you by mistake, pray, do not take it to heart.

The Master should love the poor, a man errs daily. 

Oh Kabir, why have you foolishly made yourself wretched by thinking of your faults?

A man is helpless and dependent, and it is only the Lord who looks to his good. Sins I have committed many within no time at all. And You may pardon me or punish me as You like. Oh forgive me, pardon me, spare me, oh helper of the poor. I am an undutiful son, but my father is jealous of my honour.

Oh Lord, You are full of virtues and have no faults. When I searched my heart I found there every fault. I have not a single virtue; listen, oh King of Saints, By the Grace of Your Name I will have a place of honour. I am false, while the Lord is true: I am full of sins. I am a born sinner, full of all defects. I am a sinful soul, oh Lord; pray, save me. You, the bountiful remover of sufferings, pray, look after me.

Help me, oh Lord, I am in deep waters. By myself I would be carried away; hold me by the hand. I believe I have no love in my mind, and I do not have a beautiful body. I do not know how I could survive without the Lord. If I meet the Lord in this life, I will tell Him all my troubles while I weep. I will place my head on His feet, and say what I have to say.

You know the inner thoughts of all, and are the support of the universe. If You let go my hand, who would take me across? The ocean of the universe is very deep, unknowable and unfathomable. Oh merciful Lord, if You have compassion, can I feel its depth?

I am a great sinner, and am very hard of heart. Oh powerful Master, You alone can take me to my resting place. You are all-powerful, my Lord, pray hold me firmly by the arm. Take me to my destination, and leave me not by the wayside.

Give me the boon of devotion, oh Master and God of gods, I wish for nothing else except Thy daily service. I am drowning in the middle of the stream; hold me and take me across.