Ask the Master for the Lord

The Lord dwells in the Master. He dwells in him in the form of the Sound Current. The Master is a god-man. Pray to the Lord, "O Saviour! You are merciful and compassionate. Be kind and lead us to a Master who will sustain our spirit, and through whom we may find You."

You are merciful and compassionate; hear my prayer with Thy ever-attentive ear; connect my soul to the Master Who has realised You, Oh Lord.

Gauri M, 168-17

Oh Lord! Have mercy, so that I may have faith in the Name and obtain refuge in a perfect Master.

Oh life-giving Lord! Give me faith in the Name; give Nanak the refuge of a Master who is a perfect Adept.

Kanra M4, 1310-16

Oh Lord! Lead us to a Master by remembering whom we may obtain salvation, by seeing whom we may become happy, and for whom we would gladly die. Oh Lord! lead us to a holy man, by remembering whom we may obtain salvation. May feel happy on seeing him, and may gladly sacrifice ourselves for him.

Bhairon M4, 1135-8

We should pray to the Lord and the Master to give us the opportunity to see Them, to seek refuge with Them, to get from Them the Name, to have Their help in escaping from the snares of the sense pleasures, and to aid us in crossing the ocean of the world. They are all-powerful and can grant us anything They wish.

In addition, the devotee should ask Them that he may live as they wish him to. We are without virtues, unwise, uninformed and ignorant. We do not know what to do. Oh Lord! have mercy, make us sing Your praises so that we may live according to your will.

Virtueless, unwise, uninformed, ignorant are we, and we know not what to do. Have mercy on Nanak, so that he may sing Your praises.

Suhi M5, 748-17

In addition to this, we should also pray that we may remember Him and be devoted to Him.

He who remembers the formless One, his delusion disappears. He who is dyed in Your hue is freed from transmigration.

Gujri War M5, 523-8

Oh Lord! after wandering for many ages, I have taken refuge with You. Oh Lord! hear Nanak and give him devotion for You.

Gauri M5, 289-9

Also pray to hear the Sound or Shabd, the Lord's Nectar and Name, for they are the principal means of reaching the Lord.

We are Your humble devotees; give us the Nectar of the Name oh beloved Master! Unite me to the all-wise Lord.

Maru M4, 997-5

Forgive the sinner, oh Lord, and unite him to You; You are limitless; no one can discuss Your limits. You are known through the Shabd within the body.

Parbhati M3, 1333-6

Oh virtuous Lord and Creator! How can I praise You? Hear the prayers of the devotees and give the Nectar of the Name.

Suhi M5, 784-6

We are beggars at Your door, O bountiful One; be pleased to give the Name which will give us bliss.

Dhanasri M3, 666-10

Oh Lord! Save us, we pray; we can do nothing of ourselves; have mercy and give us Your Name.

Dhanasri M5, 675-11

In this Kal Yug (Iron Age) singing the praises of the Shabd is very beneficial.

In Kalyuga sing the Shabd; by this devotion, pride is removed.

Asa M3, 424-1

By singing the Name, the soul gains strength and pride disappears. One should, therefore, mentally pray for His remembrance and meditate on Him.

I wish to make an effort every morning that I may enjoy the ambrosia of singing the praises of the Lord. Oh Lord, bestow this boon on Nanak.

Gujri M5, 519-8

Praying that one may dwell at the feet of the Master and may get the dust of his holy feet (his spiritual love and power) is also enjoined by the Saints.

May I get the company of the Master, and be dyed in love of the Name. Oh Lord, have mercy on Nanak and let Thy feet dwell in his heart.

Bihagara M5, 545-2

Have compassion, oh Merciful Lord; give to Nanak the company of Saints.

Gauri M3, 194-19

Oh Lord, accept us as Your slaves. Give us the dust of the feet of the Saints as long as we live.

Kalyan M4, 1326-9

The Gurus give examples of prayers for removing dangers to the devotees, and prayers for fulfilling their needs are also given. They are referred to here so that the reader can derive benefit by reading them.