Ask for the Name from the Master and Saints and beg of them for their Grace

We should pray to the Master to unite us with the Lord, as those in whose heart the Lord dwells, sleep peacefully. We should pray, "My Master, I thirst for the sight of the Beloved. I ever remember His feet and hope to see Him in my heart." In the Saints the Lord Himself is present, having assumed their form.

He assumes the form of the Saint.

Maru M5, 1005-8

"Oh Saints! I have come to you as I have heard that the Lord is kind to His devotees. I have taken shelter with you. Oh Lord Hari! Save the honour of Your slave. I have been separated from You for many ages. Oh Lord! Unite me with You. A great fire is consuming my mind and body. Oh Master! I rely on you. Hear my prayer. This is my only supplication before Your Saints, that they may, in their kindness, make me One with You."

Oh Mother, unite me with the Beloved; all my friends in whose houses dwells the Lord sleep peacefully.

Malar M5, 1267-15

I remember Your holy feet, and pine to see You; I pray to the Saints; my heart thirsts to see You.

Malar M5, 1268

When I prayed to the Saints; the Lord, who is kind to His devotees, appeared; oh Nanak, He hastened to them to save their honour and make them His own.

Todi M4, 712

I have great hope of seeing the Lord; oh Master, hear the prayer of Nanak.

Maru M4, 896-17

Oh Saints, Nanak prays to you to make him your own.

Suhi M5, 759-18

I will ask of the friends who have found Him; I will fall at their feet and learn the path.

Telang M1, 725-4

Oh Master! We are insects of Maya; have mercy on us and give us the light of the Name. Oh Master, beloved of the Lord, the transcendent being, I pray to you. We are like insects; we take shelter in You; have mercy and give us the light of the Name.

Gujri M4, 10-2

Bhai Gurdas has given a beautiful example of prayer by a disciple.

He says, "Oh Master! I am a sinner. I am separated , from You and am a very low and worthless fellow. I have all the faults. I am in the habit of stealing and committing adultery. I am a gambler. I have an eye on the houses of others. I am a backbiter, an evil-doer and indolent, and am deceiving everyone by my hypocrisy. I am intoxicated with lust and anger and am full of greed, attachment and egotism. I am unfaithful and ungrateful. Who can save me? Oh Master! I pray to you as a pauper. You always forgive; forgive me also."

I am accursed, a sinner, low and worthless; a thief, an adulterer, a gambler and one having an eye on the houses of others; a back-biter, evil-doer, indolent, a hypocrite and deceitful to all; one who indulges in lust, anger, drink, greed, attachment and egotism. One who is faithless and ungrateful, and trusted by none. I always pray to the Merciful Master.

War 36, Pauri 21

The Master is our caste and honour. We have sold ourselves to Him. Oh Master! whether good or bad we are now Master and disciples. Have mercy and save our honour. We bow at Your feet without any pride. You are the pride of us humble ones. You are all-powerful.

Guru is our caste and honour. We have sold ourselves to Him. Oh Nanak! we are called Master and disciples. Save our honour.

Suhi M4, 731-10

We pray to the perfect Master that He may unite us with the Lord who exists in the beginning, the middle and the end.

He who is in the beginning, the middle and the end; for Him my mind yearns.

Gauri M5, 240-10

When one meets the Lord true bliss is obtained, and for him the messengers of death cease to exist.

I prayed to the Master and he united me with the Lord; by this union I obtained bliss and the messengers of death died of starvation.

Sri Rag M1, 55-13

Oh Master! we live by seeing You. Oh Lord, hear my prayer, make me Your slave by giving me the gift of the Name, and take me under Your protection. O my Master and true friend! This is my prayer, that You who are all virtue, may never forget me.

Oh Master, I live by seeing You. My destiny is fulfilled. Oh Lord! hear this prayer of mine. Oh provident Lord! give me Your protection, and make me Your own. Never deprive me, oh Master! of Your protection. Oh My Lord and friend, hear my prayer, let Your feet dwell in my heart. Nanak makes a prayer. Oh All-virtuous One, never forget me.

Suhi M5, 741-18

Oh dispeller of all fears, my Master! Nothing is hidden from You. You are merciful. Redeem us fools.

Nothing is beyond You, oh dispeller of all fears; Nanak has taken refuge with the merciful Master; redeem the fool.

Belawal M5, 806-6

All the world is burning in the intense fire of attachment and Maya (delusion). In order to escape from it, it is necessary to take refuge with the Lord. We, therefore, pray to the Master that He in His mercy may save us from this burning fire and show us His compassion.

On seeing the world in flames we run for the shelter of the Lord. We pray to the perfect Master for safety in the name of the Lord.

Vadhans M3, 571-15