Effects of Prayer on Others

Prayer is a great power. In prayer the current of our contemplation unites with the Lord, and the seeker receives many wonderful benefits as a result. Can others be benefited through our prayers? Since the soul is a particle of the Lord, all souls are interrelated. The Lord pervades all. To wish well to everybody is, therefore, in accordance with His will. The currents of goodwill that emanate from great souls are for all living beings and benefit them. There is particular mention of this in the Sikh scriptures. They say that by remembering great souls, the inner feelings are aroused and a connection is made with them. Such a prayer results in spiritual progress, and in the end, one prays for the good of all.

May all prosper according to Thy will.

After Muslims complete their prayers, they pray for the believers and unbelievers, that is, for Muslims, Hindus and others. Buddhists pray for the welfare of all. Christ said that one should pray for his enemies. Hindus pray for the welfare of all living beings, both sentient and insentient. The practitioners of Christian science cure those who are ill by means of prayers. To wish well to others is in accordance with His will. Those who are experts in the science of telepathy know that one is affected by the thoughts of others, whether they be near or far. It has also been observed that the prayers of one person sometimes result in another person having some experience, which may be in the form of an inner vision.

Sincere prayer from the heart of the disciple reaches the Master, and remembrance of the disciple by the Master produces peace and bliss in the disciple. This is really a form of telepathy. In this way, we can connect our thoughts with the Master and can also use them for the good of others. To benefit another it is necessary that we first connect our thoughts with the Lord and then contemplate on the form of the other person and pray that he will be connected with the Master also. During such prayer, we have to feel the presence of the Lord and surrender our attention to His merciful and loving will. In this way, we lay the foundation for good to come to others.