The Necessity of Truth and Contentment

For praying truly and well, it is necessary that our lives should be based on truth. Our conduct should be pure. There should be truth in our heart and mind. We should speak the truth. Truth is related to conduct. Truth and conduct go together. Wherever truth is mentioned there is talk of conduct, for truth comes first and then right conduct. 

The common saying is: "Practice truth and right conduct, and become truthful and holy." It is necessary to preserve the purity of one's life and its influence. If one practises truth, then whatever he says will be true. Nature will help him. It is necessary to have contentment also. As long as there is no contentment, the mind does not give up spreading out, and without one-pointedness there can be no true prayer. 

Guru Nanak says that if prayer is made with truth and contentment, the Lord will hear it and will call the devotee to sit near Him, and that such a prayer is undoubtedly granted.

The prayer made with truth and contentment is heard, and the devotee is seated near the Lord.

Ramkali M1, 878