The Necessity of Absorption

While praying, keep yourself in the presence of the Lord and give up all thoughts about the body. If you think on the one hand of the Lord and on the other of the body, your thoughts will be divided. You are then a worshipper both of Kal (the negative power) and Dayal (God)1. You should go into His presence with the coverings of the mind and body removed. You alone, in your humility, should be there. Then only you and your Lord will be there. To remain always with the Lord is to carry out His orders. A wonderful love for the Lord will then awaken in you.

The relationship between us and the Lord is that of a particle and the whole. When we are fully united with Him, then no thought of the body will remain and egotism will disappear. The conscious current of the Lord will in this way give us a new life, and all calamities and afflictions will be removed. Under these conditions, when we give up bodily actions in remembrance of God, a new life-giving current of the Lord enters us, and our material and spiritual deficiencies are removed.



1) […] It is essential to do this [the withdrawing of the attention – editor's note] in the right way. Kirpal Singh emphasised that sitting for meditation without having in mind one’s goal is blind faith or superstition. Doing the Spiritual Practices while thinking at the body, one glorifies the binding power, thus Kal.

If, on the other hand, one does the Spiritual Practices and thinks about worldly matters, one is worshipping creation at that moment.