Conditions for Prayers

The first condition for praying is that there should be a being to whom prayers are offered. One should have full faith in the Lord or in His form, the Master, in whom He is manifested. When there is no faith or belief in His power, there can be no true prayer. We have read about the Lord in books or heard about Him from the Saints. He is manifested in the Saints. He who has seen a Saint has seen the Lord.

He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.

St. John 14:9

We have our Master to pray to, and a disciple should ask him for his aid at every step. There should be full faith in his powers, and full love, confidence and humility. The prayer should be pure in thoughts and offered in humility, free from selfishness, filled with love and full of confidence. There should be no doubt or disbelief. Such a prayer made in humility does not go in vain. With a humble mind, surrender all to his merciful Grace.

I am nothing, nothing is mine, protect me from disgrace; I am Thy servant.

Belawal Sadana, 858

Such a prayer inspires the soul and lifts it up towards the Lord.