Praying aloud

Does praying aloud affect us? Yes. It makes us serious for a time and elevates the thoughts. But if the matter is considered deeply, we will realize that when we do not know the Reality, praying loudly holds us back from preparing the spiritual ground, and the thought of gaining praise from others sometime enters our mind. There is danger of our becoming impostors by praying aloud. Such prayers, which contain no truth and do not come from the heart, are simply meant to please others. Physical sensations produce in us mental or emotional happiness and joy. If we were to make some spiritual progress, then we might gain some higher experience from such emotional happiness. But until we are acquainted with the secret of the soul, we cannot gain it. Human passions cannot influence the Lord.

It is not necessary to cry loudly to enable our prayers to reach Him. He is not far off. His unseen ears are everywhere. He knows the secrets of every heart and mind, and He can fulfil every desire. Spiritual wealth cannot be gained by praying aloud.

One should offer silent prayers with the tongue of the soul, and should pray that he may always act according to the Will of the Lord. He dwells in every heart. He sees everything and knows our secret feelings. The Lord hears even the footfall of an ant. In the holy Quran it is commanded, "In all humility cry silently to the Lord". It is again stated, "There is no need to make any noise, for He hears everything."

Guru Gobind Singh Sahib says:

The trumpeting of the elephant reaches him a moment later, but He hears the cry of an ant even sooner than that.

Akal Astut

There is no need for a seeker to utter loudly when praying. Even the silent current of his thought reaches the other side. The voice of thought is sufficient.