Pray to the Living Presence of the Lord

There can be no doubt that – just like asking for help in worldly affairs from one who is powerful – the asking for aid from the Power Who is the fountain of all powers and wealth, is a true and effective prayer. But to sigh while praying, considering Him to be separate from us is ignorance. He is a pure and infinite Being, but in His mercy He dwells within and illumines our soul. Therefore to pray for help to that Power which is seated in our soul is the key to success. To pray to Him as a Being apart from us is not true prayer, for we are then praying to a Being whose existence we doubt, and there is still a feeling of egotism or separateness. Some doubt still persists as to whether or not we will receive His Grace, and there is not complete faith and confidence.

That Reality permeates our entire being, although we are not conscious of it, and the current of Divine Power and Light is flowing inside us. When we turn within and merge in that Power our soul-force awakens within us. Just as our hidden physical strength is awakened by physical exercise, similarly, in prayer we bring to the surface our inner feelings and emotions and through such prayer the soul awakens and we obtain spiritual benefits.

It sometimes happens that by praying to some power apart from ourselves our wishes are fulfilled due to self-intoxication induced by our heart-felt desires and feelings. But the illusion about the Lord being separate from us still persists. Our life is then not based on any firm foundation. We are not conscious of the treasure of powers and abilities that lies within us. Our soul is a particle of the Lord. He permeates our soul. By praying to Him and merging in Him one shares in His powers. But he who considers Him to be a separate being cannot enjoy this wonderful pleasure and the full benefits of merging in Him. Those who think that the Lord is on high and directs the affairs of the world from there seldom receive a response to their prayers. 

The Lord is with you and within you and not far away from you. The Lord is inside you. He is none other than the spirit of your soul. Pray to Him and praise Him inside, and ask for His help.