Everyone in this world is entangled in attachment and illusion and is unconscious and unaware of his own self, his soul. All that is seen here will remain behind. The objects that will be left behind appear to be stable, and we do not pay attention to the eternal.

That which is to be left is taken as eternal. That which is bound to happen is considered to be far off and uncertain.

Gauri M5
Sukhmani 267

We are wasting our invaluable time on objects that will be left behind, and do not think of that which will accompany us. The body that comes with us does not accompany us. Its form and its youth will not remain the same. How can reliance be placed on relations and objects connected with this body? It is a question of the value of life. We should keep in our minds that which we really wish to know and the ideal we wish to reach. He who remembers death remains free from the bondage of the world and cannot do any evil action.

They who know they are to go, why should they cast their net wide.

Suhi War M2, 787-15

We understand that death will come one day and cannot be avoided, and so why should we resort to deceit and fraud in order to live a few days longer?

We are to die, and we will die. Nobody will remember us. We will reside in the deserted land (burial or cremation ground) after leaving the populous village.


By sitting with spiritually awakened persons we come to know that death is real and life is illusory. Understand the body to be perishable and do not be proud of it. How can one be proud of this body and wealth.

It takes no time to leave them. The world wastes itself in the pride of ego.

Malar M1, 1274

This body is perishable and it should, therefore, be used for spiritual development. It should be used to associate with awakened persons, holy men and Saints, and for singing the praises of the Lord.

Oh Kabir, this body will perish, whatever way may be followed. Either be in the company of Saints, or sing the praises of the Lord.

Kabir, Salok, 1365-18

This body is precious only as long as the soul resides in it; otherwise nobody cares for the body.

As long as the Lord is living in the home, everybody calls you a lady; when the Lord leaves it, nobody will care for you.

Sri Rag M6, 50-18

Our lifespan is decreasing every day, every hour, every minute and every second. But the man who is floating on the waves of attachment is unaware of this.

This is so far as the body is concerned. In addition, man is engrossed in home and family, but these also do not accompany him when he leaves, Mahatmas tell us.

You are happy with your son and your bejewelled wife; you are enjoying pleasures, making merry, and are intensely proud.

Sri Rag M5, 42-6

Oh man! Amongst all of these things, you are like a guest for a night who has to leave with the dawn of a new day.

You are like a guest for the night who departs at dawn; then why are you so happy with your family and this pleasure garden which will not last?

Sri Rag M1, 50-13

Even so, man continues to rely upon this universe which is like the ever-moving shade of a tree.

You are a guest for the night, but hope to live for the ages; the houses and riches which you see, are like the shade cast by a tree which is constantly moving.

Gauri M5, 212-18

Everyone has to leave in his turn. It is necessary to see this with open eyes.

Oh, what is there to love? See with your eyes open; one is gone, and another is about to go; everyone goes in his turn.

Belawal M5, 808-8

Our body, our family, and our riches will not accompany US.

One departs after beating his drums for a little while; he does not take with him the riches he has earned or his buried treasures.

Kabir, Kidar, 1124-9

Whatever possessions you have will be left behind; concern yourself with the Name of the Lord and become desireless.

Sorath M5, 614-9

Son, wife, friends and houses are bound to us by Maya. At the last moment no one will stand by us, and all will prove to be false.

Sorath M5, 609-10

This universe is not to be lived in forever. Everyone has to pass his allotted time here and then go. One should not be misled by its golden colour. Once the soul leaves the body, everything else remains behind. The body, wealth and all other worldly objects then have no value.

Oh self-willed one! you have forgotten the purpose of life; do not be deluded by the golden colour of the safflower, this will last for a few days only, and its value is very little.

Sri Rag M3, 85-10

High and low, rich and poor, all have to go. Death is always nearby and the last moment is approaching, and one never knows when it will come. Human birth is an opportunity for meeting the Lord. He who does not engage in devotion to the Lord and does not practise the Name wastes his life.

He loses the jewel of birth who does not know the ways of the Lord; he who has attuned himself to the Lord even for a moment has not wasted his life.

Gauri M9, 220-11

Without Naam, the fear of death and the wheel of eighty-four continue. The Naam is invaluable, and can be had from the Master only. One should redeem one's life by getting Naam from a Master.

Human birth is rare. Do not waste it. Spend it in devotion to the Lord.

In this perishable body only the soul is real and immortal, and one should care for it with true devotion.