How to be free from Fear?

The Lord is the true Father and Mother of us all. He is the real Friend and Brother. He is ever our Protector. The fear of transmigration and the chain of birth and death are shattered, as a result of taking refuge in Him. By His Grace all our cherished desires are fulfilled and all our fears are driven out.

Thou art my Father, Thou art my Mother, Thou art my Kin, Thou art my Brother. When thou art my protector everywhere, why then may I be in fear, oh Dear?

Adi Granth, 103-13

And I became Fearless, all fears vanished, and the Protector, protected me, yea. Such is thy munificence, oh Lord, that all my objects are achieved.

Adi Granth, 383-4

After meeting the true Master man begins to practise Naam and feels the presence of God everywhere. All ignorance and fear are removed.

Know ye that Truth is soiled not and thru it one is rid of fear and doubt, and it taketh one no time to break the thread of illusion.

Adi Granth, 840-2

The perfect Master hath dispelled all fear, and all doubts from one's mind, and one seeth the Lord everywhere.

Adi Granth, 107-14

After the Naam becomes his mainstay and the Shabd is manifested within, all fears leave him. Fear leaves him, he tastes the nectar and is dyed in the hue of the formless One. Pain, poverty and pollution are destroyed; the Name is his mainstay.

Gauri M5, 297-12

Those who have the treasure of the Name inside them are free from fear.

Gauri M4, 310-13

They do not forget the immaculate Lord day or night, even for a moment. They hear the Shabd from inside and see the flame of the light. Oh Nanak, all their fears are dispelled.

Belawal M1, 843

Egotism is destroyed. One enjoys spiritual experiences and no fear remains. The devotees accept whatever happens with gratefulness. If there is fear, it means that one has not realized the Lord.

When there is realization, there is no fear; where fear lives, the Lord is not. Oh Saints, remember this for Kabir has said it after great deliberation.