How is this Awe born?

The one on whom the Lord showers His Grace lives in awe of Him, day and night. He to whom He is merciful gets it by making the Shabd of the Master dwell in his mind. He always remains in awe of Him. He destroys other fears, and his doubts are removed.

Majh M3, 113

Maya, the deceptive illusion of the world, is very powerful. The universe in reality changes every moment, and nothing in it is eternal or remains in the same state, although it appears to us to be eternal and everlasting. The intellect may for a moment believe it to be illusory, but the heart does not admit it to be so. When a Master is found and one takes on His colour, then the curtain of Maya becomes a little loosened and he begins to see the illusory nature of the world. He begins to understand the causes of the fall of the soul, of the troubles in this world, and begins to take steps to remove them from his own life. He begins to believe that the Lord is all powerful. He begins to love Him. He then sees His will working.

She who meets the Master stands in awe of Him and is a woman of noble family; she knows the will of the Lord through His mercy.

Gujri War M5, 516

We do not see the Lord, then why should we be in awe of Him? He is manifest in the Master (See the section on the inseparability of the Master and the Lord). On meeting a Master, awe for the Lord comes to us of itself. The Master knows everything in our heart. When we see the Master, we know Him. He knows us inside out and we become afraid of our own actions. We try to rid ourselves of them and easily become pure. On one side is our awe of Him; on the other is His remembrance and upward pull. Awe forms in the mind and is mingled with affection, and this gives us an opportunity for self-improvement.

When one meets a Master, fear develops in him, and he is embellished with love and fear of God.

Adi Granth, 788-13

On account of the Awe (fear) of the Master many people have attained the Fearless (God) and gained spiritual emancipation.

Oh Sheikh, still thy ego and abiding in the fear (of the Lord) shed thy craziness. Yea, thru the Guru's fear, many attained salvation and living in fear, attained the Fearless (God).

Adi Granth, 551-17

The fear of the Lord can take root within us by the Grace of the Master and when it gets settled down there, the mind gives up its improper tendencies and comes under control.

It is by Guru's Grace that one is filled with Lord's Fear, and by good fortune God abides in one's mind. Thru God's Fear one controls the mind and thru the Word, one's sense of ego is destroyed.

Adi Granth, 645-1

God is Shabd (Word) and the Master is its embodiment. He reveals to us the secret of the practice of Shabd. Satsang and the practice of the Shabd firmly establish awe of the Lord in our being.

They alone are filled with the Fear of the Lord, who practise Guru's Word (Shabd). They always live in the company of the Saints, and to them are revealed the merits of the True One.

Adi Granth, 35-13

Innumerable benefits flowing from awe of the Lord are detailed in Gurbani (scriptures). None can cross the ocean of fear (world) without awe. Lord's devotion and peace of mind are born of awe. It also helps the manifestation of Shabd within. When we remain in fear all the time there is constant remembrance of the Lord within and this purifies us. Ego leaves us, the fear of death disappears and we are freed from ignorance. It leads to attainment of salvation and our original home – Sach Khand. Gurbani also refers to the many evils that result from the absence of the fear of the Lord. Persons devoid of such fear ever remain in darkness, lead purposeless life and suffer untold misery at the time of their death. They do not deserve to be associated with. In their company we get no inspiration for the devotion of the Lord and the mind remains unclean.