How real Repetition and Austerities are practised and their Fruit

The repetition and austerities which are related to the practice of Naam depend upon the Grace of the Lord. Only he on whom the Lord bestows them can have them.

The Name contains repetitions, austerities and self-discipline. May the Lord bless us with His gracious look.

Prabhati M5, 1348

Repetitions, austerities, self-discipline, compassion and duties are practised by those who are blessed by Him.

Ramkali M5, 966

The company of the Saints is gained through the Grace of the Lord. The devotees of the Saints repeat the blessed Name of the Lord.

Those who get the Grace of the Lord gain the company of the Saints. They live on the nectar of the Name of the Lord.

Suhi M5, 762

The Grace of the Lord descends through a Saint or Godman. It is only through him that repetition, austerities and self-discipline can be successful. With the help of a Saint, Naam resides in the heart and the devotee finds a place at the door of the Lord.

Repetitions, austerities and self-discipline are obtained through the Guru by one in whose heart dwells the Name. Oh Nanak, by cherishing the Name he finds a place at the door of the Lord and is glorified.

Sorath M5, 602

He who finds a Master may be considered to have performed all austerities, fasts and pilgrimages. No effort, cleverness or other form of striving is of any avail. The main thing is to find a Master. All repetitions, austerities, purity and self-control depend on His Will. Those, for whom He wills it, can do them.

Pilgrimages, fasts and austerities are all dispensed with by the Lord when one meets a Master.

Ramkali M1, 879

No effort, wisdom or artifice is of any avail. It is all given by the perfect Master. Only those repetitions and austerities are true Which are practised by him, and which he gets done by others.

Gori Ramkali M, 915

It is only when the Lord is merciful that, through the Grace of the Master, the full fruits of repetitions, austerities and self-discipline are obtained.

Repetitions, austerities, self-discipline and true greatness are obtained by the Grace of the Master and the help of the Lord.

Gori M5, 196

For this reason service of the Master is the highest form of austerity. By serving the Master with body, mind and soul, the Lord resides in the heart and all worldly cares are destroyed.

Service of the Master is the best of all austerities. The Lord then dwells in them and all sufferings are ended.

Asa M3, 423

The Lord of death bows at the feet of those who repeat the Name according to the directions and instructions of the Master, and they are looked after by the Lord. He who repeats the Name gets wisdom from the Master. The messengers of death are like pebbles under his feet.

Maru M1, 1042

Do good deeds and repeat the Name as directed by the Master. He looks after his followers and they realise the true secret.

Gori War M4, 317

There can be no repetition, austerities or self-control unless the pleasures of the senses are given up. This can only be done by controlling the ten apertures of the body and by repetition of the Name.

He who gives up sense pleasures and evil deeds and contemplates on the soul, his repetition, austerities and self-discipline bear fruit. His lotus opens and drops of honey fall within.

Sri Rag M1, 23-17

He who controls all the ten doors Is contented of heart and repeats the Name.

Gori M5, 298-19

These repetitions and austerities are obtained by sincere devotees (gurmukhs) through good fortune. Such a one becomes free from all ailments and is immersed in ecstasy day and night.

Oh Nanak, by repeating the Names the sincere devotees realize the Lord.

Sorath M1, 598

By repetition of the Name the devotee is rid of ailments and his body becomes healthy.He daily contacts the Lord in trance, while absorbed in deep meditation on His Name.

Varhansu M4, 574

He is the true devotee, ascetic and house-holder who constantly remembers the Lord and thereby gets the gift of repetitions, austerities and self-discipline. Oh Nanak, the true devotee repeats the peace-giving Name in the approved manner.

Basant M5, 1184

He is the true house-holder who controls himself and gets the gifts of repetitions, austerities and self-discipline.

Ramkali War M1, 852-12

Remembrance of the Lord and praise of His Name lead to various benefits, according to the Gurus. All desires, ignorance and cares are destroyed, and death and rebirth end. All good intentions are fulfilled. The heart is filled with happiness, bliss and joys. The lotus opens and egotism disappears. The fear of death is overcome and one does not go to hell. He crosses the world of phenomena in safety. The Lord is seen everywhere and in everything. One not only crosses the world himself, but takes others also along with him. He is saved from the depredations of the five robbers (the senses), and attains the stage of easy and natural trance in meditation (Sahaj avastha). He is beholden to the Lord.

The remembrance of the Master is remembrance of the Lord. The True Gurus, therefore, take care to explain the benefits of remembrance of the Master.