The Effect of the Iron Age – Kali Yuga

The Iron Age has still a long time to last. Man is feeble. No one can properly do right actions. Dharam (duties), charity, pilgrimages and true austerities cannot be practiced. An adverse wind is blowing. He who practises the Name gets a bad name. Those who indulge in an outward show of piety or practise hypocrisy are considered to be respectable.

Kali Yuga is neither found in a particular land, nor at a pilgrim-station. Nor is it in a set-mansion and certainly not where men practice charity. Whosoever practises truth in this age, loses. And austerities bear no fruit. Moreover whosoever utters the Lord's Name is defamed: These are the signs by which Kali Yuga is known.

Ramkali M1, 902-17

In this age all the world is indulging in selfishness owing to the restlessness of the mind, no one can properly devote himself to repetition of sacred names (Jap), austerities (Tap), or fasts or worships, and people are spoiling their chances of happiness in their future life by forgetting the Name.

Repetition of mantras (Jag), austerities (Tap), fasts or worship are of no avail to one who has a feeling of otherness from the Lord.

Kabir, Gauri, 324

Oh Nanak, he who forsakes the Name is confused wherever he goes. All his Jap, austerities and self-discipline are wasted and he is at the mercy of others.

Sorath War M3, 148-19

Unless one gets the correct method from the Master and develops true love and devotion, all his repetition, austerities, self-control, fasts and holy baths are in vain.

What use are repetitions, austerities, self-discipline, fasts, or baths in sacred streams unless one knows the way of loving devotion to the Lord.

Kabir, Gauri, 337

In the Iron Age the outer repetition of mantras and the practice of austerities do not lead to salvation. The repetition of mantras, austerities, self-control, fasts, worship and so forth do not eradicate the feeling of egotism. The soul is entangled in the cleverness of the mind and the jungle of Maya. It does not find the way of escape from these snares.

Repetition, austerities and self-discipline practised by an egocentric man do not cure his malady since he will still suffer from pride, and the feeling of otherness is still alive with him.

Suhi M4, 732-7

All repetitions, austerities and cleverness Lead only to wandering in the wilderness.

Asa M1, 412-2

In the Iron Age no action or ritual except the practice of Naam leads to salvation.

In the Iron Age no action or ritual is of any avail; except for the practice of Naam there is no other way.

The lure of the senses is very strong and widespread. The ascetic and the pandit, lured by austerities and greed, remain separated from the Lord.

The ascetics are led astray by austerities and the pandits by greed.

Asa M5, 370

The poison of Maya is spread far and wide. But he who practises repetition rises and realises.

Gauri M5, 210

Unless Maya is destroyed, hundreds of actions, the repetition of mantras and the practice of austerities are of no account.

Without destroying Maya one gets nowhere, no matter what he may do in the way of countless actions, repetitions or austerities.

Gauri M5, 238

The repetition of mantras, the practice of austerities, fasts and self-control and the making of pilgrimages do not lead to peace of mind. Peace of mind comes only after one takes refuge with the Master or the Lord.

I practised repetition, austerities and fasts to see the feet of the Lord. But the fire cannot be extinguished without taking refuge in the Lord.