Love by a Gurumukh and a Manmukh

To love God is the rare fortune of a Gurumukh. To him the meeting with the Beloved is like the wearing of a garland of all good qualities around his neck. To awaken love within, to have the Darshan of the Lord, to love scriptures, to produce a pure Light within – all these are the privileges of a Gurumukh. 

This state cannot be achieved by a Manmukh.

We meet our Beloved and we have achieved happiness. We have also worn round our neck the garland of all good qualities. Oh Nanak, it is only a Gurumukh who can achieve this love for God. Such a person has love inside and has the Darshan of the Lord. He listens to scriptures and is happy. The pure Light of God appears in such a Gurumukh.

A Manmukh is one who follows the dictates of his mind. He cannot have love for God nor for a Master because, oh Nanak, only with the Grace of a Guru, who is the bestower of pain and pleasure, can one merge into the Lord.

Adi Granth