Love in the Beloved

The existence of Love is caused by the beauty of the Beloved. Love is first awakened in the Beloved. Unless there is an attraction from the latter, any action by the lover will be of no avail. If there is need for medicine, then it is necessary to have pain, because if one is not ailing he needs no medicine. The Beloved always keeps an eye on the condition of His lover and imparts all the love that He can attract.

We have no pain (of love) within us, otherwise the physician is always there. The physician of love has the power even to give life to the dead and is a fountain of mercy, but if we have no desire or no pangs, on whom shall He bestow His mercy? You should therefore stop running after the world but have a longing to go in the direction of love, because this alone will free you from the demon of death. You should hunt for the Truth and not care for other games, because this hunting will even scare the Angel of Death. All the thoughts in one’s mind – even if they are as beautiful as flowers – are thorns if they are not directed towards the Beloved. The wealth of the spark of love can be seen only in lovers. If you turn away from such lovers, you will be sorry in the end.