The Form of Love

There is no difference between Love and God. God is Love, and Love is God. Both are beyond thought and description. The Elixir of Love can be tasted only by inner experience. All descriptions of Love are far from the Love itself.

A lover is actually like a doll made of salt. When plunged into the sea in order to find its depth, the doll dissolves in the water and no trace of it can be found. Or a lover is like a moth that goes near a light but does not return. Just as a dumb person feels happy by eating something sweet but is unable to describe its sweetness in words, similarly the taste of love, even when it is experienced, is indescribable.

I met my friend and asked her the signs of her Lord. But she does not know how to speak, because she is filled with the intoxication of the bliss of Love.

Adi Granth


Love cannot be described in any language. But if and when a rare individual experiences true love, it is manifested in every cell of his body. In other words, it is like seeing the very Lord Himself in that manifestation. Love has a definite existence which can only be experienced and cannot be described by superficial examples. As and when it is experienced, no other proof is necessary.

The very appearance of the sun is the proof of its existence.

This Elixir can only be tasted by actual experience. It cannot be conceived by thinking, reasoning or by arguments. Mind and intellect are only confusing.