Love not Reduced to Speech or Print

The story of love cannot be reduced to cold print, just as it is impossible to limit an ocean to its waves. A pen is powerless to describe love’s mysteries fully and clearly. It is also beyond the power of the human tongue to describe love. The description of love cannot be expressed in writing or in speech, so one cannot get it from the pages of books.

Whatever people may say about it, their words are not the path of love. The roots of love are in the Infinite, and its green leaves are spreading beyond limits. The tree of love is not supported either by the earth or the sky. It is described to a certain extent in the Scriptures. The people of learning are unable to give a faithful description of it, because it is indescribable. Only a rare person (a true Master) can impart the knowledge of love correctly to a true and real seeker. The worldly people are all ignorant of it.

Hafiz says:

If you wish to join my class, throw away all of your books. The knowledge of Love is not found in them.