The Place of Love

Love is above the three gunas (attributes). Our body, our life and our mind are connected with the three attributes of Nature, but love is very much above them and is a part of the soul. Therefore, it is free from the taint of Tamas, Rajas and Satvic desires. That is, it does not wish to remain, to receive or to be anything. Divine love is free from the mixture of illusions and is always pure in the regions above; but in the regions below it is mixed with physical matter and the low desires of animalism.

Where can we obtain love? It is within us, but everybody cannot get it. We may feel it, but we cannot grasp it. The whole world is busy searching for it. We can experience it only within ourselves.

Maghrabi Sahib says:

When I looked in, I found within me that which has been sought for ages by all mankind, from one corner of the world to the other. We have been searching for it for many ages here and there, but we have found it only in our heart. Therefore, you should not search for your lost Beloved outside. You will find Him only in the recess of your heart.

The place of love is in the soul which is a particle of God, who is Love. It is therefore inherent in the soul.

Love is manifested in various ways; that is, for children, wife, family and other relatives, etc. When we look at a thing with the eyes of love, it becomes beautiful. „When love kindles, it beautifies everything.“ Actually, love is a feeling of beauty – sometimes it is concealed and sometimes it is revealed. When feelings of hatred are manifested, love is concealed. When feelings of attraction appear, then love also appears. But it is within us at all times. Our very life is love. We have come from love and we live in love. We have to merge in love, as it is the protective cover of our body.

Truth is love and it resides in our heart. Love is Naam. It is deeply engraved in our mind and in our body. Whoever tries to search for it, gets it. Love for the Lord is awakened in the disciples of a Master. Thus all their desires are satisfied and they worship only the Lord. They tread the path of Love and are fully engrossed in its bliss. The Love of a Gurumukh is True Love. By means of such a love he meets his Beloved and is happy in the enjoyment of love’s bliss day and night; and he achieves the state of Sahaj [Sahaj means easy, natural, real. Esoterically, it means the transition from the state of „becoming“ into that of „being“ one with the Supreme Lord; hence a state of supreme bliss.]. 

This kind of love is awakened in Gurumukhs (devotees of the Master) by the Beloved (Master) Himself, and they are absorbed in it day and night.

Gurumukhs have love in their hearts. That is the true love by means of which they have communion with the Lord. Day and night they are happy in their love. This love is awakened in the hearts of Gurumukhs by God Himself and, oh Nanak, they remain happy in that bliss and ultimately merge into the eternal state of Sahaj.

Adi Granth