The Emotions of a Lover

As soon as love is awakened, the lover is dyed in its hue. A lover always desires to continue to see his Beloved and listen to the Beloved’s words most attentively. Every part of the lover’s body, from head to foot, is attentively engaged in seeing the Beloved and in listening to the words of the Beloved.

A lover yearns to see the face of his Beloved as one longs to see the moon, and is delighted by its beauty. There is always a strong desire in his mind to listen to the words of the Beloved, for to him they are full of nectar. He feels that if his arms cannot embrace his Beloved, they should be broken and if his eyes cannot enjoy the sweetness of the sight of the Beloved, they should become blind. He desires the Beloved to live in his eyes so that he may not see anybody else, and the Beloved also may not see any other person. Kabir Sahib said that a lover conceals his Beloved in his eyes. He does not see any other person, nor does he permit the Beloved to see anyone else. 

He says:

Oh my Beloved! Come into my eyes. As soon as you come, I shall immediately close them so that I may not see any other person and that you also may not see anyone else.

In love there is no other desire, just as nothing remains in a burning fire. The people of the world demand fulfilment of their desires from God. But a lover in who the fire of love has been kindled demands only God from God. 

Guru Ram Das says:

If the precious jewels and treasures of all the seven worlds and the seven oceans were taken and placed before a lover, and someone were to ask him whether he would prefer this wealth or the Beloved, the lover would not even consider the treasures. He asks from God for only the nectar of His Name.

Hafiz says:

The beggars in the vicinity of the Beloved do not even have any desire for heaven, because the victims of love are actually free from both the worlds.

When a lover is fully absorbed in love for his Beloved, he does not give a thought to anything belonging to this world. A lover imbibes the beauty of the Beloved in his mind at all times, and tries to understand the greatness of the Beloved in his heart. He does not see anything else in the whole world.